Have you got Nero 8 and what's your verdict?

  rickf 14:49 08 Sep 2008

Question as above. I am thinking about it.

  g0nvs 17:00 08 Sep 2008

Works fine for me.

  Gizmo2005 18:45 08 Sep 2008

I really like it, but if you have Nero 6 or 7 stick with that as it’s just the main interface which has changed all the applications are still basically the same as 7, you can get Nero 8 essentials it’s just a pared down version.

  rickf 21:06 08 Sep 2008

Thanks. Been reading of people having trouble installing and Nero 8 hogging the comp slowing down other functions.

  Marko797 13:57 09 Sep 2008

I have the stripped down version - no resource hogging :) Works superbly.

  pj123 16:07 09 Sep 2008

I tried it, caused lots of problems. Uninstalled it and went back to Nero 6 latest version. No more problems and does everything I need.

  rickf 21:10 09 Sep 2008

Thanks all for all the input. Helps me to decide although still ambivalent.

  dth 22:04 09 Sep 2008

I have nero 7 on my new-ish laptop but still prefer nero 6.

  Forum Member2 13:14 10 Sep 2008

Nero 8 Rocks

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