Have I a case against Pipex

  Pappyon 19:08 22 Apr 2003

I faxed Pipex Customer Services weeks ago, requesting compensation of £2.18 for the postage it cost me to send back a Speedtouch 330 TWICE for testing, £3.11 for calls to Technical Support, which would not have been incurred had the modem been bench tested in the first instance instead of sticking it into an Office PC, and sending it back to me as being functional, when it wasn't, and a month's free internet access for the time when I could not get online because the modem was faulty from day one, and was either in the process of going to Pipex, or coming back from Pipex. They were blaming my system, or my stupidity. They would not accept that the modem was faulty. They also told me to buy a powered hub, which would have been a waste of money. I also spent £30.56 on a PCI ADSL modem, which I need not have done.

The above is a posting I made here weeks ago. I have faxed, emailed and event sent a snail mail letter to the head of Customer Relations 12 days ago, and everything has been ignored.

Where do I go from here?

  NICK ADSL UK 19:33 22 Apr 2003

hi pappyon the first course of action you can take is trading standards in the first instances and hopefully them getting it resolved for you failing that the small claims court is very good I have used it myself many times and won every time the reason I have won is because the manufacturer never turns up so you win by default I wish you well and let us all know how you get on

  MichelleC 08:58 23 Apr 2003

You have a few options, but none are going to be completely satisfactory.

Trading Stds are understaffed and will prbably send you some advice leaflets.

Small claims court - it'll cost £25 (I think) to proceed (online is easy). If you lose you have to pay their costs.

Or you can get frustrated with Pipex (non) support.

Or you can move as I did. (Datanet support is great).

  rct 10:06 23 Apr 2003

click here and find out how to contact Pipex's MD directly. If you explain the situation, you should have some redress. Good luck ;)

  Pappyon 16:26 23 Apr 2003

I thank everybody who has responded to my post. I would not go as far as the small claims court. As I have said previously I am not looking for blood, what is making me very annoyed indeed (and that is an understatement) is being totally ignored.

rct. I have a strange feeling that trying to contact the MD of Pipex would be a waste of time, if I can't get an answer from Lee Maguire the head of customer services and finance.

One thing is certain, as soon as my year is up with this crowd I am off, and I would never recommend them!! Their standard of customer service is atrocious!

  rct 17:45 23 Apr 2003

Seriously, do try... he has sorted out problems for many users personally at ADSL Guide. From what I've seen he really does try his utmost in such matters.

  Embezzler 19:16 23 Apr 2003

I don't have a case against Pipex but when they sent me my micro-filters all four ended up being faulty. I called Pipex and they told me to send them back (which cost me money) so that they could "test" them which they did "apparently" and found no problem... and the circle continued because they were still faulty! So, instead i wrote to the company which made the micro-filters and they sent me free working replacement!

I'm still with them because they are cheap but if i had a choice i would choose a different ISP but i'm scared to switch because according to BT's website, the distance between my house and the exchange is too great, therefore, i cannot get broadband??!!! Strange!!!

  graham√ 20:31 23 Apr 2003

Don't be scared! If broadband works with Pipex it will work with other ISP's, after all it's BT line and equipment you're already using!

I don't doubt that you feel aggrieved but I also doubt if you have a case as such.

While you may have spent money on postage etc, you did not have to purchase a new PCI Modem - Pipex were under an obligation to replace yours which they, eventually, did.

You must be prepared to suffer "some" reasonable inconvenience in solving a problem and it is a matter of degree as to what is acceptable.

Get in touch and suggest that as a measure of goodwill if nothing else, they refund some of the cost or offer some recompense!

  Pappyon 10:34 24 Apr 2003

Smiffy 99

With respect could you tell me how to "get in touch" when they won't answer emails, faxes or royal mail letters?

If I don't get a response by tomorrow, my next step is Trading Standards!

  MichelleC 11:33 24 Apr 2003

Pappyon, I think the contract with pipex is for only 3 mths, not 1 yr. It was last year.

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