Have I blown £160 on a Naff Laptop???:(

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 23:19 06 Dec 2005

Hello Gang...:)

I have bought a laptop. Now like a prat, and not seeking advice from you lot first, I asked a local shop who said he was getting one in, 'top spec', for £400. I figured 'do I need one top spec?. No I just want a basic PC that I can put anywhere in the house (Or Shed..:))'

With this basic info I got onto that well known auction site and bought myself the Laptop described below. However (and ALAS), a bloke from our works IT dept. was at my office today so I showed him the description (as below) and he did not look too impressed. He says it won't have word, nor exel...:((I am devistated). So here are my questions...:)

* Looking at the spec, do you all concur I will not have word, nor exel
*Has the Laptop got the capacity to have them downloaded....Will it wipe loads of memory / Ram etc...that will seriously effect it's performance.

*Should I cut paste it back on that well known auction site, hope I get my money back at least and ask for advice here before buying another. Or should I keep it and work with it

Brand: IBM
Condition: Used
Processor Speed: 233 MHz
Chip Type: Intel Pentium II
Hard Drive Capacity: 15 GB
Memory (RAM): 128 MB
Screen Size: 13.4 inches
Primary Drive: DVD+/-RW
Features: Carrying Case, Modem, Operating System, USB, WiFi Enabled

ibm thinkpad 600 very clean big hard drive
power supply, wireless internet,modem,dvd/cdrw
xp windows sp2

microsoft works

Processor Speed:233
Chip Type:Intel Pentium II
Hard Drive Capacity:15 GB
Memory (RAM):128 MB
Screen Size:13.4 inches
Primary Drive: DVD+/-RW
Features: Carrying Case, Modem, Operating System, USB, WiFi Enabled

ibm thinkpad 600 very clean big hard drive
power supply
wire less internet
xp windows sp2
microsoft works

  Tim1964 00:10 07 Dec 2005

Many will say that the spec is very low, which it is, but it's almost identical spec to the desktop I'm using now.

So yes it will run MS Office (Works is a cut down version of Office). The RAM could do with upping to at least 256.

Can't see what OS is on it, I'm guessing Win98SE.

Unless the item is vastly different from the description on the site, then you will not be able to claim a refund or eschange it.

The term is Caveat Emptor or 'let the buyer beware'

If the lappy works as it should, display wise, DVD reads OK etc then I would say it's not a bad deal as lappys are always more expensive compared like for like with desktops

  Tim1964 00:12 07 Dec 2005


Spotted the OS as XP SP2.

Will definately need more ram then :) at least 512Mb.

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 01:37 07 Dec 2005

I accept I have bought it, and will not try and get out of it....

Is it worth getting it upgraded, or should i start again....I won't loose loads as will probably sell it for similer price(and it's 5p listing on Saturday :))

The problem is that with laptops rangeing from £200 - over £1000 I really don't know what to get. I don't want to spend a fortune buying one thats far too razzle dazzle for my needs, yet I don't want to get one that I have to mess about with (AKA the one I HAVE bought). I want to plug it in and away on the net, manage a website, and receive / send loads and loads of emails...So PLEASE could you advise me as to waht I should be looking for, and how much I should be paying. (I did ask this before in a thread, and got 1 reply to a very specific PC, but I need to be able to 'shop around', I just need to know what I am talking about.

  Belatucadrus 01:46 07 Dec 2005

Be wary of the OS, a 233Mhz laptop would not have started life with XP, make sure you get the CD.
According to this click here the 600 only supports up to 256 Mb RAM, so 512 looks to be out, unless you can get a BIOS update, always a high risk option.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:15 07 Dec 2005

Try to get Win98 for it rather than XP - XP will be painfully slow on a 233mhz machine with only 256mb RAM.

Have you seen it running?

If I were you, I'd cut my losses and try to get another one.

BigPockets.co.uk: Dell Lattitude C600 PIII 1Ghz Laptop, 256, 20, DVD/CDRW, NIC, 56K Modem, Floppy Drive, Win 2000 Lic £319.99 - Blank Media - Gadgets - Ink Cartridges - Free Delivery
click here for example.

Given that you can get a new laptop for £400 these days, see how far you can stretch the pennies and at least you will have a more positive computing experience.

  SG Atlantis® 09:26 07 Dec 2005

Is spot on, I read the whole way down and got to Diodorus Siculus' reply and thought that's what I would say.

So yes start over get a new budget lappy for yourself, a nice new xmas pressie treat for you!


  Diodorus Siculus 10:28 07 Dec 2005

EBUYER - CPUs, Memory, Monitors, Printers, Storage, Networking, Software + more
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  xania 13:12 07 Dec 2005

Not sure I totally agree with all this. Ok - you've got yourself a smaller than expected laptop, so let's see what we can do with it. Assuming that you haven't got the XP CD, wipe the lot off and buy yourself Windows 98SE from your favourite Auction site. Should be able to get a legit used version for circa £20. So far as Office is concerned, some of the older versions ('97) will do perfectly well and cost under £10 - that site again. What else. Norton or similar, and you could be up and running for under £50.

  Stuartli 13:36 07 Dec 2005

Have a look here to see what you might have got for that money:

click here

  ade.h 15:34 07 Dec 2005

With Works installed, it will have Word, so at least you can type stuff.

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