hats of to ebuyer

  tarkus 20:06 08 Apr 2004

i ordered 2 19" monitors for next day delivery as i have brought quite a few items from them in the past with no problems. got the email confirming order was ok and that the delivery was next day priority service. waited all day no monitors, contacted ebuyer to ask what was happening and they confirmed that there was a problem with the delivery. monitors would now be delivered the following day and they would refund the next day delivery charge as they felt that the level of service i had from them was not upto their normal standard. what more could i ask for, it's a shame that more companies don't treat people like ebuyer i will be placing a lot more orders with them in the near future.

  stalion 21:43 08 Apr 2004

got the monitors?

  ade.h 22:18 08 Apr 2004

That's the kind thread title we don't see much of here. From what I've read, I would say your experience is not as common as it should be. Let's hope Ebuyer keeps it up and that other retailers take note.

I'm a little confused. Ebuyer fail to supply a product on the date that you paid them to do so, so they refund that delivery payment.

Firstly, you say that you only found out there was a problem when you phoned them to chase up your missing order, they did not phone you to say sorry?

Secondly, they did not provide a service you had paid for (next day delivery) so they refunded your money?

Have i missed something?

  tarkus 22:24 08 Apr 2004

yes got the monitors, very pleased have used ebuyer about 6 times now and this was the 1st time ever had a problem, always given good service and quality goods would have no hesitation in recomending them to anyone else

  tarkus 22:37 08 Apr 2004

yes i did have to phone them to find out where my delivery was, it was still before 5 pm and there was still time to deliver as delivery could be anytime between 9 - 5. as soon as they traced my order they admited there was a problem and refunded my carrage charges, was quite happy to except delivery the following day only went for nextday delivery as didn't want the wife to see more boxs arriving. i feel that as they admited it was there fault straight away and refunded the delivery charge with out me asking was them trying their best to rectify a failure. just feel that a few other companies could learn a lesson here and isn't it nice to report a happy outcome to a problem once in a while.

LOL...just been there with the wife and box situation myself! Yeah it is good they sorted it out, but sometime i feel we have let our expectations slip a little. Surely refunding your money was the minimum you should expect from a company after they dot provide the service you paid for?

I but from Ebuyer regularly, which brings another question up. You got through on their phone line!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG....you are the one!!

  Forum Editor 22:59 08 Apr 2004

they're my online supplier of choice. We all tend to speak from personal experience of course, and so far I have nothing but praise for this company's efficiency.

  ade.h 23:21 08 Apr 2004

Given the Forum Ed's recommendation, I might start using Ebuyer myself. I've become somewhat disenchanted with my usual retailer of choice and I find it is increasingly hard to find consistently good service from the retail sector.

  spuds 02:32 09 Apr 2004

Fully agree about ebuyer's service.When I have ordered goods from them, they have always arrived on time stated. Prices are very favourable as well.

  Ranger 08:41 09 Apr 2004

I use Ebuyer a lot as well, biggest bugbear I find is that they do not contact you if there is a problem with your order and change it to a quote, so check on your order status regularly also, their std delivery is quite slow compared to others, I think it's down to the fact that when you place a order and everything is in stock it is not actually shipped until at least two days later meaning it takes them 5-7 days to deliver, not a long time but still slower than some others who deliver within 48hrs(Maplin to name but one)
Apart from these small things I have nevr had a major problem with them and would reccomend them

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