From Hasting's Area? Big Computer Fair This Sunday

  Pilch from 20:25 18 Apr 2004

Just wondered who is going to be going this sunday to the big computer fair on the pier this sunday? start's at 10am!

I am gonna be there helping a friend out with his company ( click here ) and there is going to be about 40 tables of trader's there.

This should be quite good, it is a one off event so if anyone is going, come say hello!

  leo49 08:22 19 Apr 2004

click here

£114 for an NEC ND1300 DVD-RW !!!

Your friend doesn't need help - more like a sense of reality.

  Sir Radfordin 11:23 19 Apr 2004 this would suggest click here

That is why he has some new stock being added in soon and old thing's taken away (Basically it is going through a overhaul stage) as he now no-longer sell's those bit's!

  leo49 12:12 19 Apr 2004

I wouldn't think he ever sold much at those prices - I bought a black NEC2500[8x burner] for £64 yesterday.

  Hunte® 15:17 19 Apr 2004

leo49, to be fair it could of been a while ago. When 4x writers first appeared a price of around £120 was not uncommon. As you rightly say though, now a price of around £60-£70 is more common.

  Southernboy 15:55 19 Apr 2004

in sells.

  Southernboy 15:56 19 Apr 2004

in bits.

  leo49 17:36 19 Apr 2004

Why be fair? - if you pimp a business by posting a link it rather defeats the object if the website is out of date.

  accord 17:49 19 Apr 2004


Good point well put. It amazes me when you go to websites selling goods and you find them not up to date, do these companies really want our business ????

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:39 19 Apr 2004

I thought computer fairs were meant to be the Nirvana of prices as opposed to PCW which some would refer to as the Valhalla.../shrug.

This only serves to reinforce my jaded opinion of computer fairs....over-priced old tat sold to the starry-eyed and a £3 admission. Imagine if PCW tried to charge £3 admission?


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