Has your Amilo d case cracked?

  Forum Editor 19:38 29 Dec 2006

If it has, and you have tried unsuccessfully to get Fujitsu Siemens to entertain the idea that it should be repaired at their expense, read this:

click here

If you've contacted the company in accordance with the advice I gave, and have made no progress I would like to hear about it. Please post here with brief details about when you bought your computer, how long it took before the cracks appeared, when you contacted FS, and what their reaction was. I need to gather information together so I can go into battle on your behalf, and I would like to do that within the next few days - we might as well start the new year off with a concerted effort to get this problem resolved once and for all.

  Totally-braindead 22:55 29 Dec 2006

Good to see you're on the case, I was kind of wondering what was happenning. Its been going on over a year now.

  Forum Editor 23:46 30 Dec 2006

so far.

  emilyjc 09:05 31 Dec 2006

I have a two-inch crack alongside the outer part of the left-hand hinge. The vendor (Canon - calle castilla, santander, spain) said it is my fault, I must have knocked it for that to appear despite the fact that I told them that it is constantly on a table top in my house!)

  Steve- 10:25 31 Dec 2006

I don't have an Amilio d, however my daughters Mesh has similar cracking from the hinges, it has been back for repair once and has now happened again all within two years. Maybe this problem is symptomatic of a deeper design flaw in Laptops generally.

  whisky16 13:00 01 Jan 2007

I bought an Amilo A 1645 in July 2005 from Comet.

Cracking appeared mid December 2006 from the FN key down and left.

This Laptop has been treated carefully at all times.

Comet say they have not aware of any problem, and that in any event it is not their responsibilty, but to contact Fujitsu direct.

This I have not yet done, will do first week of 2007.

I expect to be fobbed off.
I have not used it since, as i expect it will crack further.


  Forum Editor 23:28 02 Jan 2007

for any more?

I had hoped for a bigger response.

  BryanT 11:32 03 Jan 2007

Frankly, I think a lot of people thinking about buying a laptop are aware of the long-running thread here, and now will never consider buying one from FS. Myself included.

  BryanT 11:36 03 Jan 2007

I doubt whether this will cause FS to go bust, but hopefully someone in the laptop division will miss their targets and lose their bonus as a result.

  sabsqureshi 16:15 08 Jan 2007


I came across this thread relating to FS laptops and was wondering if anyone with FS P series lifebook is having similar issues.

I bought my laptop from the web about 15 months ago with a 3 year FS warranty. Since I bought it, there have been a couple of problems which I ignored 1) battery which gets so hot it can not be touched and 2) laptop does not shut down properly if has been on standby. However, I ignored these two issues and used the laptop as a desktop at home for the past year.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the left side hinge was coming loose. I am not sure if there were any cracks, I didn't look closely. I called FS last week to book the laptop in for repair and spoke to James. Even though the laptop is in the warranty period James told me that it could cost me £99 to tell me what was wrong as only hardware is covered by the warranty.

When I explained that the hinge is hardware and that the hinge had come loose James said this could be caused by physical damage if the laptop has been dropped. I informed James that the laptop had not been dropped but he told me there could still be a charge of £99 to investigate if the laptop had been dropped.

I asked to speak to his manager since I did not find it acceptable to be charged for a problem with the laptop. The manager told me that in the majority of cases repairs will be covered by warranty only if there is physical damage of dropping the laptop would not be covered. So I sent the laptop to FS since I was confident there was no physical damage as the laptop had not been dropped.

2-3 days later I received a call from FS repair centre saying that the lower assembly plastic is cracked and this is the cause of the hinge problem. The engineer has also said the status LED board which they explained was something to do with standby was also broken. They are saying that this has been caused by physical damage - dropping the laptop and hence is not covered by the warranty. But I know the laptop has not been dropped - only I use the laptop and it is always on a desk, I don't carry it anywhere so this is very frustrating as it cost over £1300 to buy and have had it not much more than a year.

I have asked FS repair centre to hold off doing any repairs; the repair centre advised me to call customer service line to complain and then get back to them with any instructions.

Before I do that, can PCA help me with this or tell me who to complain to? Are there other FS lifebook users who have seen the same issue?

  sabsqureshi 11:10 10 Jan 2007

I contacted FS head office and their UK support by email and explained my problem as per my previous thread. I referenced this forum and to my surprise I have got a swift response from their Customer Care department within a few hours - they have agreed to repair my laptop in-house at FS not through the repair centre at no charge. This is a good result and I am impressed with the swift resolution. In this case at least it looks like the company is taking complaints seriously and trying to do something about it. Good luck to others with similar issue.

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