Has my web host gone missing?

  keitho44 14:32 18 Jul 2011

Hi, Wondering if anyone knows if anything has happened to UK-Cheapest hosting? I've used them for a number of years and they've been very reliable but suddenly, without any notice, my personal domain email account has vanished and going to their website (www.uk-cheapest.co.uk) has been getting a "cannot display the webpage" response for 2 days. Particularly concerned because my business site is with them too. That site is still visible but all links to support etc in the control panel have vanished. Any news welcomed. Thanks.

  wiz-king 15:18 18 Jul 2011

Seems OK now (from South London)

  keitho44 16:03 18 Jul 2011

Seems OK now (from South London)

Thanks, but I'd better clarify it's the www.uk-cheapest.co.uk website (and my hosted account) I can't access, not the link that's underlined in my text - that is some advert that has attached itself to the words.

Alternatively, if you can access the uk-cheapest site from South London but I can't from Yorkshire is there some geographic issue going on?

  lotvic 16:21 18 Jul 2011

Also from Yorkshire, Service Status Page http://www.uk-cheapest.co.uk/servicestatus.php says:

"Weekly Maintenance: All Servers - Saturday evenings from 22:00

We perform weekly maintenance to all servers on a Sunday evening between 2200 and 0400. This time has shown to be the least active period for the servers and so any maintenance will have minimal effect."

There is a 'Support' panel on the right with links to click on

and Domain Name Control Panel login ClickHere displays ok for me

  interzone55 16:36 18 Jul 2011

I've just accessed various pages on the www.uk-cheapest.co.uk site from north Lancashire, and via my work proxy server which is somewhere in Eastern Europe (sometimes Sofia, sometimes Belgrade).

Seems to be working fine

I'd check that your ISP isn't the problem

  keitho44 17:20 18 Jul 2011

Thanks lotvic and alan14,

I've obviously got some other problem, possibly with ISP as you say.

I'll check my antivirus system and router security too in case they've suddenly decided to block it

  Forum Editor 17:34 18 Jul 2011

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from Speakers Corner.

  keitho44 09:37 21 Jul 2011

Hi - Cured now but here's an update for anyone getting a similar situation

I had to formally reboot my modem/router from its own software to restore access. Switching off and on was not sufficient. No idea why it did this though.

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