Has HMV gone insane or is it me?

  acxxxx 04:28 12 Jun 2007

I went into HMV(Richmond)for the first time in ages yesterday and saw a PC Game (Halo 2) on sale for £40. This game has been out for a little while (so why the OTT price)? A label on the cover says 'Vista only'.

Very expensive (just to play it on a new OS) but then I saw this:-

click here;-1;-1;-1&sku=635319&gclid=CP7VpJu61YwCFTJbQgodM0yFuA


It then goes on to say:-

'Strictly limited to ONE ORDER per customer / household'.
(How many fancy boxes and a game does one person need)?

£40 for a PC game! £70 for an Xbox game!

See you/raise anyone (on the most expensive platform game you can find)!

  acxxxx 04:37 12 Jun 2007

Sorry that link didnt work well.

Halo 3 Legendary Edition
Exclusive to HMV
Halo 3 Legendary Edition.

I'll try the link again
click here;6;-1;-1&sku=635319

  acxxxx 05:01 12 Jun 2007

Ok links not working.

In the HMV search box type 'halo 3' it will come up with

Halo 3: Legendary Edition
Xbox 360 Game

Release date: 26-9-2007

GAME £69.99 Free Delivery

  robbiepaul79 11:17 12 Jun 2007

Please check your information on games releases.

Halo 2 has just been released on PC, also you will find that many collectors editions of games such as the Halo 3 Legendary Edition regulary go for higher prices, especially seeing as this is one of the most anticipated releases of recent years.

If you check the bonus items you recieve with the legendary edition you will understand better why it may be a little over the 'normal' games prices

  rodriguez 12:25 12 Jun 2007

Long links with characters in such as ; won't work properly, as this forum uses coding that "detects" the start and end of links, and these characters confuse it. You could try TinyURL (click here) to post long links on forums. ;-) Your fixed TinyURL link - click here.

  Scottish Dude 12:55 12 Jun 2007

acxxxx use tinyurl to make it smaller and that problem wont happen click here

Scottish Dude

  theDarkness 01:08 14 Jun 2007

link works if you copy and paste whats contained within 'click me' (right click and properties) with what comes after it. its expensive because its a limited edition package with halo helmet with bonus discs. only worth the price no doubt if you can sell it for double on ebay! lol

"The Legendary Edition will be released in limited quantities and arrive in a highly collectible Spartan helmet case that no hardcore 'Halo' fan should be without, along with two bonus disks full of additional content. The first disk provides exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage and videos, including a high-definition “Making of 'Halo 3'” documentary showcasing the Bungie team and its effort to create the most anticipated title in the industry's history; numerous high-definition featurettes documenting the creative design processes involved in developing the game; and even a look at some early game concepts and their evolution through the game's development. The disk will also include an audio-visual calibration tool, never before seen on a video game and custom designed by the 'Halo 3' graphics and audio team to make the most of fans' high-definition home cinemas, for the ultimate 'Halo 3' and Xbox 360 audio and video performance. The second bonus disk, an exclusive to the Legendary Edition, will include completely remastered cinematic material from 'Halo: Combat Evolved' and 'Halo 2', supplemented with developer commentaries, to provide a refresher course on the thrilling 'Halo' story so far, and a featurette documenting a day in the life at Bungie. Exclusive content from the creative minds behind Machinima artists “Red vs. Blue” and “This Spartan Life” will also be included. Finally, fans who purchase the Legendary Edition will receive an illuminating collection of original 'Halo 3' storyboard art from artist Lee Wilson, depicting key moments and pivotal scenes from the epic cinematic production of 'Halo'. "

  acxxxx 03:12 14 Jun 2007

Ok sorry about the links

But the point I meant to make is:-

PC Games were always allot cheaper than other ‘platforms’ (even in HMV).

I'm finding it hard to justify paying $40+ for a PC Game.

  acxxxx 03:18 14 Jun 2007

Ok thanks. I’ll give it a go next time.

  acxxxx 03:33 14 Jun 2007

I want to buy Halo 2 and Halo 3 for the PC (but at a reasonable price).

I'm not going to buy an Xbox or upgrade my graphics’ card just to do it (that would make it very expensive).

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