Has customer service improved?

  Forum Editor 11:34 16 Dec 2007

As we approach the end of another year I wonder if the computer industry in particular has moved on at all in terms of quality of service over the past twelve months?

I don't want to get into a 'good-guy/bad-guy' naming session with this, we can generalise - have you noticed that things have improved somewhat, or do you think the quality of customer service has tended to stay about the same?

My own feeling is that there has been some improvement, and I know that there is currently an initiative to get online suppliers to offer much more by way of choice with regard to delivery timings - which can only be a good thing. As we move into 2008 I think the industry may find itself facing tougher times in terms of consumer spending, and quality of service could become a key issue.

What do you think?

  Totally-braindead 11:48 16 Dec 2007

Personally I do think there has been an improvement.

The reason I am thinking this is basically Mesh. Not having a go at them or anything as they sell a hell of a lot of PCs but we used to see a lot of bad posts. I have noticed in the past few months hardly anything about them so to my eyes it appears that they have seriously improved what service they provided before. Perhaps thanks partly to Davy who is they representative on the Forum. So well done to Davy.

And going away from any particular company it does seem to me that here at least we are seeing less posts from people about any particular manufacturer.

Now I'm not an expert on these sort of things but when we see far fewer posts from people moaning about poor service from any particular company, whoever they might be, that must be a sign that things have got better.

I'm only going by the postings in the Forum I must point out but it has to be a good sign.

  Forum Editor 11:55 16 Dec 2007

I think it's true to say that there has been a definite decline in the number of complaints we've seen posted about any particular company.

  Al94 13:10 16 Dec 2007

I have nothing but praise for my experience of customer service during 2007 in relation to PC related issues. I think the industry has realised how imp0rtant it is to get this right in terms of generating repeat business and recommendations.

  CatTrading 14:08 16 Dec 2007

Like Totally-braindead has said i hope that Mesh have turned the corner of their customer service, but their are still get quiet a few negative comments on other forums. But dealing with Mesh has improved with the help of Davey who does seem to help here, but their are other forums he seems less keen to help on.

The dealings i have had with Mesh (i own 2 mesh pc's) have improved & more so with the help of Davey.

Novatech on the other hand seem to have gone from strength to stregth with their customer service & are a joy to deal with.

  bremner 14:29 16 Dec 2007

My experience in 2007 has been that Customer Service has never been worse.

In dealing with utility companies, mobile phone suppliers & broadband suppliers I have often despaired.

Shopping in the High Street is typified by stroppy staff who seem more intent on talking to each other than providing a service.

There have been notable exceptions both on and offline. Crucial and Amazon have as usual been excellent as have many of the small local shops I use.

  rickf 15:13 16 Dec 2007

My one and only experience of customer service until the earlier part of this yr has been horrendous with a well known mobile co. now branching into BB packages. Although this one expereince does not form a wide enough basis for research, colleagues and friends involved with this co. have reported unacceptable behaviour on the co.'s responses to customers. So, to answer your query its a NO, it hasn't improved and I think cos. haven't learnt in general.

  Forum Editor 15:24 16 Dec 2007

"I don't want to get into a 'good-guy/bad-guy' naming session with this"

Please try to keep to generalisations. I know it's not easy, but it's generalperceptions, rather than individual experiences that I was mainly interested in. There will always be instances of bad service, and of course there are many instances of especially good service, but what's the general picture?

As Totally-braindead said, we do seem to be seeing fewer complaints about specific suppliers, and that leads me to think that there has been a general improvement in standards.

  TopCat® 15:26 16 Dec 2007

been refreshingly better during this year. Any minor problems I've had have been satisfactorily and quickly resolved by email to customer services. On the other hand, my physical buying during the year from my local shops has been, at times, a frustration.

As an example, I recently wanted a pocket radio with presets and decided on a Roberts R9995. St Austell has two Roberts agents in town and neither had the model I wanted in stock, so I placed an order with one of them. After more than two weeks of silence - I'd left my phone number with them - I called in to ask why the delay. Two assistants conferred with each other and I heard one say that policy was a larger order of radios was required before mine could be ordered. I told them to cancel mine and walked out.

The second, larger store required I must pay for the item before the order could be processed. This I did and after ten business days had elapsed I rang them. I was told that my radio order, 'due to an oversight' had been posted off that very day! I hit the roof and told them a letter of complaint would be arriving at head office forthwith. Two days later I called in to confront them and, with a relieved and hopeful smile, the assistant handed over my radio. It will be a long time before I entertain entering those two shops again. TC.

  TopCat® 15:39 16 Dec 2007

Sorry, FE, I should have re-read your post! TC.

  anskyber 15:39 16 Dec 2007

My impression is that it must have done. I have not needed to contact my own PC supplier ( thank goodness) but in the last year on here it seems there has been a general reduction in the number of problems being reported, even much praise for some suppliers.

I wonder, only wonder, if in fact some of the complaints about PC's have been resolved by the actions of the owners perhaps even through the utilisation of sites like this and as a result there is less contact with helplines. Only the suppliers will know on the numbers game.

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