Has Canon set up MP980 to Deliberately waste ink.

  robertsey 09:06 14 May 2012

I am fascinated and totally infuriated at the rate my Canon MP980 consumes ink cartridges even though I hardly use the printer! How is that possible? I live up North - not along the Equator - so evaporation due to excessive heat is not an option. Is this yet another proof of producer planned limited time functionality as with lightbulbs and dishwashers - a calculated way to keep consumerism on the high and high?

I have so far this year changed a complete cycle of cartridges 3(!) times! That is absolutely of the mark!

I will never come close a Canon product again for shure.

  john bunyan 09:17 14 May 2012

Not again! See here: Canon MP980

  robertsey 09:49 14 May 2012

Hi John,

has the issue been resolved since the thread was closed back in 2010? If not, it most certainly is worth picking up again, wouldn't you agree?

  john bunyan 09:58 14 May 2012

Yes but it seems to me that this was a "rogue" MP. Many found it had these problems, and I thought the subject has been aired (with unsatisfactory results). I had a problem with a previous Canon, but am pleased with my 2 year old MP 640. It is a pity Canon were not more open re the 980 but I doubt if anyone will have more to contribute. I hope they do as clearly it was Canon's problem. I wonder if FE ever got any joy on this from them?

  jvc2012 14:27 14 May 2012

My Canon i9100 drinks ink for breakfast. We have to buy a new printer and just keep the i9100 for the very occassional A3 print.

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