Has anyone had their Tiscali BB upgraded?

  Totally-braindead 23:47 05 Apr 2005

Just wondering as I'm on the 256k speed and had 2 letters one said I would be upgraded in Feb the other said the end of March. Its now April and no upgrade. I've tried to do it manually but it won't do it and Tiscali just say they're investigating. So has anyone actually had their speed upgraded or had their package price reduced, which is the other option if you want to stay on the same connection speed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:50 05 Apr 2005

Yup! 512 to 1Mb :-)))


  Totally-braindead 23:57 05 Apr 2005

It looks like I'm just unlucky yet again. Thanks Gandalf.

  spuds 00:12 06 Apr 2005

Mine was upgraded by Tiscali from 3x to 5x. I upgraded further to the 'upto 1mb' package for same price £15.99 per month. On average I seem to get between 786Kbps.Very satisfied.

  Totally-braindead 00:32 06 Apr 2005

Looks like its just me then, it figures, I'm still paying £19.99 for my 5x service when I should either be getting the 10x service for the same money or paying £15.99 for what I have. I think Tiscali hate me, that must be the reason I think.

  cycoze 01:10 06 Apr 2005

No change here , 512kb to 1mb upgrade was supposed to be March then April , now i get no response other than it is trouble with their lines whatever that means , as i have just installed a Tiscali Modem for a neighbour who is further down the line from myself and is now enjoying a 1mb connection , i feel i maybe being fobbed off , will phone them in the morrow.

  handful 07:42 06 Apr 2005

Like spuds went from 3x to 5x but not until after receiving an email to say that they were not able to increase speed due to a 'local problem'. A few weeks later they contacted me again to advise that the upgrade had happened.:-)) Maybe they have similar problems with your area??

  steve0 09:24 06 Apr 2005

Have just had mine upgraded from 256 to 512 - didn't want the 1mb as it is too low a cap on it. I sent email to them first and the next day I was able to go to my account at tiscali and change my broadband connection speed. Previously there were no options available when I tried to do this. Anyway they said it could take 48 hours to take effect, but in fact it was altered in only a few hours.

  Zaphod 3 19:51 06 Apr 2005

Upgraded from 150 to 256, that woked for a while, then the speeds dropped. Then noticed 512 for the same price as 256 so upgraded online 24 hours later all was fine and has been for three weeks.

  Totally-braindead 13:17 07 Apr 2005

Will tick this as resolved, thanks to all that posted. Still can't get upgraded though, even manually it just won't work. Guess I'll have to give them a bit more time and see what happens.

  ace37 19:16 28 Apr 2005

still waiting although they are offering it to new subscribers.
I will contact them to see if they have seen the ad.from Orange about existing customers must com FIRST!!.

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