Has anyone got a D100 camera????

  Magik™ 19:29 03 Jan 2003
  Magik™ 19:29 03 Jan 2003

Hi, i have been all through the Nikon site and can not find the answer.....can you fit manual lenses to it? ie: 500reflex, or will it only take Auto lenses...... i realize that they all have the F mount and they will go on, but will they work?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:04 03 Jan 2003

• D-type/G-type AF Nikkor: All functions possible
• D-type Manual-Focus Nikkor: All functions except autofocus possible
• AF Nikkor other than D-type/G-type: All functions possible except 3D Matrix Metering
• AI-P Nikkor: All functions except 3D Matrix Metering and
autofocus possible
• Non-CPU: Usable in [M] mode (camera's built-in exposure meter does not work)
Electronic Rangefinder usable with lens with maximum aperture of f/5.6 or faster; IX-Nikkors cannot be used. That should do you. Also have a look here...click here oh and claiming 6Mpix is pushing the bounds of truthfulness somewhat;-))...Canon, in spite of me owning 5 Nikon SLRs, would get my money as it is about as near to neg as is possible but used normally at 4Mpix is amazing. click here


  Magik™ 20:56 03 Jan 2003

thanks for that, i have 3 bodies and f4,fe,f2.and 7 lenses all nikkor...seems a shame if i have to start again, 3 of them are auto so they would be ok, so i really have to go on with nikon, but then of course they are better than cannon :-)

thanks again...

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