Has anyone else had problems with SP2 for XP?

  katrina.oconnor.568 09:58 16 Mar 2005

I DL SP2 for XP Home edition in around October last year after receiving notification from MS that 'updates were ready to be DL'. At the time I was running an up-to-date antivirus, so I DL SP2.

After that I started having lots of problems with my laptop: extreme lag time when booting up, Excel2003 not operating, not being able to read email from MS Outlook etc.

At this time the comupter was just over 2 years old, and I had extended warranty from PC world where I had purchased the machine from. So I decided to take it in for a 'health check'. unfortunately I was unable to be there myself to expalin, and I had to delegate the task to my mother. The result was that PC world couldn't run the standard antivirus and spyware software, and I was advised I needed to do a full system recovery and invest in a decent antivirus software.

I purchased SpySweeper3, which I ran before attempting the system recovery, which found MSBlast on my hard drive (plus 30 other cookie grabbers) which were consequently deleted.

After spending many hours trying do back-up everything I needed from the machine to CD I then attempted to do a non-destructive system recovery using the CD provided. This failed. I then attempted a full system recovery, which also failed. After a lengthy call to the tech support line I was told I needed to purchase a new recovery disc, which I did. Again system reovery failed.

I have now been advised to get the machine repaired in a shop and sent the invoice to the warrantor for reimbursement.

However... is it really worth paying a lot of money (living in Switzerland, the labour costs are extremely high) for someone to basically reformat my hard drive on a laptop which is nearly 3 years old when I could go out and buy a nice new one?

  byfordr 10:44 16 Mar 2005

By the sounds of it, it may be easiest to reformat the hard drive yourself and reinstall the o/s.

It may be worth trying to chase them for a refund for the recovery disk as it didn't work.


  freaky 18:36 16 Mar 2005

Your problem could have been caused by the fact that you downloaded SP2, and it got corrupted.

When SP2 became available, I waited until I got it on CD rather than download for that reason. I have experienced no problems with this update.

  g0nvs 18:43 16 Mar 2005

Think it may be best to install SP2 after a clean install of windows. No SP2 problems at all here.

  JWRH 11:10 28 Mar 2005

I recently downlaoded SP2 and now have a problem that after about 15-20 minutes the display hangs: pc is still running but cannot change/close any windows. Task Manager shows the program is not running and the only way out is to shut down the pc from Task Manager. Cany anybody help?

  bremner 11:15 28 Mar 2005

Forum protocol states that you must start a new thread for your problem.

  jack 12:23 28 Mar 2005

Ashad been said many times SP2 is not for evry one

It all depands how your particular version of XP is set up on your machine and other protection software is on .
We do tend to treat our machines like hypochodriacs and pile in the protection - confusion ensues.
One way out of the troubles is this,
My computer/Control Panel/Add-Remove Software.
Remove SP2.
Do a disk cleanup with what ever disk clean system you use - and then get with life.
By the way it has been found that after SP2 [even after removing it] boot up takes longer with much grinding of disk and gnashing of operators teeth.

  georgemac © 13:11 28 Mar 2005

for everyone I think if you want totake advantage of MS Anti Spyware & IE7 which will give improved security, as does SP2.

I have only had a problem installing it on one machine, and stongly suspect that perhaps there was still somw spyware lurking on it.

On a clean install, I have had no problem, but the best way undoubtedly to install sp2 is with it slipstreamed on to an xp cd, and installed on to a newly formatted hard drive. click here to powerless'es website for a guide how to do this.

For anyone wanting to install sp2 to an exisiting installation, run adaware, spybot, ccleaner & a fullanti virus scan, create a restore point, reboot then install it. If it does not work, reboot into safe mode and restore to the earlier point or remove the sp2 upgrade.

  It's Me 14:57 28 Mar 2005

A word of caution to the excellent advice given by
georgemac ©,; when I installed SP2 after a clean out, it went perfectly, but, and it's a big but, my carefully prepared Restore Point had disappeared. I don't trust Restore Points anyway, as they never seem to work when the chips are down, so I rely on Ghost.

  katrina.oconnor.568 15:26 28 Mar 2005

Thanks for all the replies everyone...

I've made a decision to buy a new laptop (which hopefully should have XP SP2 already installed), and donate my old laptop to my brother (who, actually living in the UK, can take it to a shop and get it fixed - without me trying to explain in my non-existant German what I want doing to a Swiss computer shop guy then having to claim back from the warrantor.

  reddwarfcrew 15:32 28 Mar 2005

The guide for slipstreaming SP2 onto an SP1 disc is not there yet.

Are there any other links on how to do this.

Apart from the obvious time saver, are there any advantges of using this method than installing xp and on first boot immediately running SP2?

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