Has anyone else experienced this..

  NewestRoyWidd1 18:31 18 Jun 2008

Just got back from buying a Microsoft 500 wired keyboard from our local Argos.
As I waited in the queue to pay,I was ready for the inevitable"we offer product replacement for £xx",but was taken by surprise when the girl looked closely at her screen and said"oh,it needs batteries".
When I asked why a wired keyboard would need batteries,she quickly lost interest.It made me wonder just how many un-needed batteries they manage to sell that way to people who aren't clued-up.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:33 18 Jun 2008

Wired keyboard? What is this ancient, arcane thing of which ye speak of?


  NewestRoyWidd1 18:53 18 Jun 2008

GANDALF <|:-)> My apologies O Mighty One;I chose the said ancient thing for it's price(£9.99).
Also because I(mistakenly it seems?)didn't think I needed a wireless one.

  jack 19:53 18 Jun 2008

Wired is best still talks to computer at critical moments-
Saves scampering around nicking batteries out of clocks and other battery driven sundries bcuase you forgot to get a spare set or have a recharged set to hand.
Some times old is best.

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  Stuartli 20:13 18 Jun 2008

Or you need to get around the screen using only the keyboard......

  Clapton is God 21:10 18 Jun 2008

I still use a wired keyboard, a wired mouse and a CRT monitor - all of which have given excellent trouble-free service for many years.

  Joe R 23:08 18 Jun 2008

A wired mouse and keyboard, are essential for most heavy duty gamers.

  NewestRoyWidd1 23:41 18 Jun 2008

Excellent comments,now I know that getting a wired keyboard was the right option!
But anyone have thoughts about Argos trying to sell batteries with it?

  phoenix198 00:42 19 Jun 2008

That would be to replace the ones you took out of the clock ...

  ronalddonald 07:34 19 Jun 2008

Did the girl say what type f batteries ? and does the keyboard really need batteries? Seems very odd very odd indeed. I wonder if they try this thing on foreign students to get them to buy batteries so that they can increase sales of batteries. May be u need the battery's to throw at the keyboard in case it breaksdown

  NewestRoyWidd1 16:16 19 Jun 2008

ronalddonald;The batteries would have been AA,which I already have plenty of.(rechargeables).Marg7;That explains it then.Yet another reason not to go wireless.

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