Has anyone else been caught by NTL?

  mbc 11:59 29 Jun 2004

Less than 3 years ago, NTL were offering 600k broadband at two pricing rates, one at £24.99 pm, and a reduced rate of £19.99 pm if you bought one of their modems at £149.99. Innocently, I took the latter option. They have now withdrawn that rate, so that there is only the higher one. The only indication I received was when my bill arrived. I am now left with a valueless piece of kit, as I might as well take one of their modems. A con, or what?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:16 29 Jun 2004

You were not forced to sign up three years ago so must have been happy with the 'deal' and you must have been aware that prices can alter.....unless there is a clause to the contrary.

Today the deal looks expensive as prices have dropped and BB modems are free or can be bought for £12.99 in PCW. I felt the same when I thought back to my first PII, 350Mhz computer, bought in 1999 for £1850. Such is life.


  byfordr 12:21 29 Jun 2004

If your unhappy change providers. 3 years is a long time in IT/telecoms and technology...its unrealistic to think that prices stay the same.


  bob1234 12:28 29 Jun 2004

Gandale, you sure your'e not the FE in disguise???

  duckers 14:53 29 Jun 2004

To be fair Ive been with NTL since the old comcast days and I have always found their pricing to be competetive, especially with the upcoming (whenever it happens) speed upgrades for no extra cost,, mind you I can see a price increase of a pound or two across the board in the next year..

  mbc 16:41 29 Jun 2004

Gandalf: I think you have missed the point a little. Of course I was happy with the deal. The point is that they have withdrawn the deal I signed up for (and paid £150 upfront for), leaving only the deal I did not sign up for. There was no indication at all in the contract that it could be subject to withdrawal, if there had I would not have signed and put my £150 at risk. Of course I know that prices can alter, but as you say it now seems expensive (a case of technology improving and reducing costs).
Incidently, my first PC was 15MHZ (with a turbo boost to 25-whatever a turbo boost is), hard drive of 40 Mb (not Gb), and a whole 2Mb of RAM-that was in the days when memory could be bought in 1/4 Mb modules.:-)
byfordr: I think an answer to your comment lies above.

  helmetshine 17:14 29 Jun 2004


most contracts with ISPs last a year...you've had yours for 3 years and saved 36x£5 which is £180....more than the cost of the modem... you're still winning so i don't understand where your £150 is at risk....you're up.And are you honestly telling us that if you knew this was gonna happen 3 years ago you woulda signed up fot the £24.99 service instead....and ended up paying more?

  dth 17:21 29 Jun 2004

Gandalf - you had a right result there with your P2.I bought a P1 (75) with a 14.4 modem for £1,800. Your purchase seems like a win on the pools....

  oresome 18:26 29 Jun 2004

Three years ago, I wouldn't have bet £150 that NTL would still be in business today. You've done better than most of their shareholders and a lot of their employees.

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