Has anyone brought this?

  Python33 17:43 18 Feb 2007

i currently have an Advent 7094, not a bad notebook but im looking at upgrading to a Acer Aspire 7003WSMI notebook, due to the price & HD, also the reasonable RAM. anyone have this or can offer advice. hoping to buy at end of the month,.

  sean-278262 18:30 18 Feb 2007

# Processor: AMD Sempron 3400+ - Quite an old processor
# RAM: 512MB DDR2-533MHz - Quite a low amount of ram for running XP and if you plan to use vista then forget it on this amount.
# Hard Drive: 120GB - The norm at this price point
# Screen: 17" Widescreen TFT - if you are aiming to use this for travelling think again. My 15.4inch laptop is a pain to move about as it weighs a lot so the extra on a 17inch will be a lot.
# Graphics: NVidia GeForce Go6100 - don't expect any gaming performance with this card, or video editing. It will play old games or just get used to render windows.
# Wireless LAN: 802.11b/g - Call for advice on Wireless Networking
# Battery Life : 2.5 hours - This will equate to about 1.5hrs usage in real life.

You never said what the budget was nor what you plan to use the machine for. If you can tell us these things we should be able to compare and contrast with other machines in your budget.

  Python33 18:36 18 Feb 2007

thanks for the input.
im basically only using this for browsing & dvd's at work. not really into the latest games ( no good at them) so gaming dosent matter. my budget is a mear £500 - £550. also general xls files storing photos etc. nothing major. keeping documents ie rosters, (so i can tell when my boss short changes me).

  Python33 18:38 18 Feb 2007

as for the screen size it sounded good. my current one only has 14.1 tft

  sean-278262 18:44 18 Feb 2007

So it isnt going to be a mobile laptop? If you plan to go on the road at all with it or travel then 17inches is really out of the question.

  Zero G 18:48 18 Feb 2007

Well built, well priced & last forever!

  wjrt 18:50 18 Feb 2007

check out the battery supplied will last as acer seem to be up to tricks as per
click here

  Jimmy14 19:23 18 Feb 2007

Acer aspire from Comet, with Windows Vista Home Premium, 1Gb RAM, 15.4" widescreen, Dual Core 1.6Ghz processor and 120Gb Hard Disk for £499.99,
click here
click here

  sean-278262 19:37 18 Feb 2007

Not exactly what you call a helpful comment. Clearly Python33 is not into computers and is therefore looking for recommendations.

As for that of wjrt, I feel this isnt apt to be discussed on this topic. I have had 3 Acer laptops in a row. All have had excellent batteries. My latest one is now over a year old and runs for a good 2 hours on its battery. The previous ones were centrino models and lasted even longer.

  Python33 21:07 18 Feb 2007

sorry for not replying sooner but travelling home from work.
Astec123, thanks for backing me up their, i don't know a lot about Computers & any help is VERY gratefully received. & no it wont be that mobile only the occasional transport to work & back.

Jimmy14, thanks for the info, sounds quite interesting. but a bit dubious about Vista so early on in its launch! are my concerns justified?

  sean-278262 21:33 18 Feb 2007

For the uses you suggest python33 I would say that you have nothing to fret over. Ideally look at staples as they do have some very nice offers on at times. Remember to get something that when you come to sell it has desirable features and therefore you may get some of the money back.

For Vista aim for 1gb of ram. You can always upgrade and add more. A decent hard drive means you can store lots of data. Finally look at the battery life and consider it as once you have a laptop there is nothing like sitting in the living room watching TV while doing some work.

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