Has anyone bought from thepcogroup.co.uk

  erkmatrix 10:52 04 Nov 2009

I found them through another forum, don't know if its against the rules to name another forum on here so I won't but it has customer reviews and 4 people had wrote positive things about them. I can't really find anything else on the web about them, nothing bad either which is good. They maybe are a small shop and just trying to get more sales by a website.

Anyway, does anyone know anything about them or has purchased from them. I've had a quote from them and its quite a bit cheaper than some others I've had and with it been for so much money I figured I must do a little research.

  Awshum 11:17 04 Nov 2009

Search for PC Option, Desktop Option and HTPC guys. You'll find a lot of unhappy buyers.

  Picklefactory 12:54 04 Nov 2009

Do you have anything to show that pcogroup are linked in any way to PC Option/ Desktop Option/HTPC guys?

The reason I ask, is that would be a new find on here and PC Option/ Desktop Option/HTPC guys have such an awful reputation it would be grossly unfair to tarnish an innocent company with that.

Unless it's discovered there is a link, then don't jump to conclusions. There is another thread running in Consumerwatch with much the same question as yours.

  erkmatrix 13:44 04 Nov 2009


Yeah I heard they were a company with lots of bad feedback, I went to the desktop-option wbsite and contact details is for a different place and thepcogroup give out a phone number whilst I couldn't see one the desktop-options site.

Awshum, why do you think they could be linked , is it anything other than a similar name to PC-Option

  Awshum 14:01 04 Nov 2009

Similar name, similar looking style of website, identical terms and conditions, all run Sagepay.

  Awshum 14:03 04 Nov 2009

Those criteria gave rise to people linking PCOption to desktop option and then onto HTPC guys.

  erkmatrix 14:14 04 Nov 2009

Right you are they do have identical terms pages, mmm, still might be a coincidence but yeah it is certainly a concern that they might be linked now.

  paulmayer 16:09 04 Nov 2009

I bought a PC off them around 3 weeks ago after a couple of recommendations, i was speaking to JUNIPAIRE on the thread above.
I beleive that PC option are in Nottingham these guys are in Huddersfield.
No problems with these guys, i stayed clear of pc option, pc specialist and others after reading forum posts on here.

  paulmayer 16:47 04 Nov 2009

It baffel'd me to find these terms and conditions been similar but after browsing other companies t's and c's it appears there all generic, look at pc specialists.. makes me feel better knowing this.

It gave me piece of phewww! :)!!!!!!

  Oliver S 10:48 05 Nov 2009

I'd like to take this oppotunity to introduce myself to the PC Advisor community, I'm the marketing manager for click here.
The company has made great strides since its incorporation in 2007 and we're looking at building on this in the future.
Firstly I would like to say that our company is in no way associated with Thomas Muir (pc option, desktop-option, htpc guys) as some forum users maybe suggesting.
Part of my job as a marketing manager is to search online for feedback and clear up any statements or posts that may be a misrepresentation of our company.
I welcome any questions you may have regarding ThePCOgroup

Many thanks

Oliver Stott
Marketing Manager

  erkmatrix 13:44 05 Nov 2009

Hi Oliver

Thanks for dropping in here and clearing that up, not that I know to much about Mr Muir and his companies its good to know your in no way associated with them.

Could you point me in the direction of any other sites with buyers feedback who have purchased from you, You are invited to PM me if you want, I don't know if you can post other forums in the PC advisor forum. I certainly want a new PC and thepcogroup sound like they can provide but it hard to part with so much money without hearing from satisfied buyers. Its good that they have a marketing manager though to answer peoples concerns and questions.

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