Has anybody used swoopo.co.uk?

  darkreign 07:54 16 Sep 2008

Swoopo.co.uk appears to be a bidding website akin to ebay. Major difference being that each bid placed is charged, the cost for each bid increases with the number of bids placed.

Here's the website click here

Has anybody bought anything from here and is it dependable. Are the items sold/bought reliable/working? Have you had any experience with this site, good or bad?


  Si_L 13:09 16 Sep 2008

I looked carefully at this, and have decided to steer clear of it, and here is my reasoning.

I'm sure the items are reliable, new etc..., and I was at first skeptical of a company that could sell a PS3 for £50. However, at incriments of 7p per bid, and at 50p per bid, they break even at about £42, thus making a profit even at such a low price, so thats fine with me.

The site works so that you have to pay to make bids, £10 for 20. Those would be used up so quickly, and you have to be so lucky to win an auction. There will be thousands of people on the site, and only 200-300 auctions going on at any one time. There is no strategy to it. On Ebay I have become very effective at sniping auctions, placing a bid in the last couple of seconds, but this site has combated this by putting the time to 15 seconds when ever a bid is made in the dying seconds. The chances of winning then are very very small, and I think your bids would dry up quickly. That said, someones got to win, and it could be you, but its more of a lottery than an auction. I may put in £10 to have a go, but if I don't win anything then I won't be using it again.

If you choose to use it, let us know how you get on.

  monkeyboy21 14:07 16 Sep 2008

Now here's the catch - if no one bids in the last 20 secs you win.....or they extend it by 20 secs everytime someone bids in the dying moments. Now to me that's a scam, because you think you've won when hey presto they add on extra time so someone else can bid! Think of quizcall and bingo shows on late tv - the only thing they are really good at is taking your money while making you think you may just have a chance of winning! You've better odds spending money on a lotto ticket! As Gandalf says.....eyes raise!!

  Si_L 14:16 16 Sep 2008

"Now to me that's a scam.."

Its not a scam. Its to combat snipers, increase the bids, and it works exactly the same as a real auction. If someone puts a bid for an item in a real auction just before the 'going, going...', the auctioneer is going to wait some time for more bids isn't he?

  monkeyboy21 14:53 16 Sep 2008

Two points to note - a 'real' auction won't charge me everytime i bid on an item, i just pay the price i won the item at and any commission due, secondly, this type of auction costs you money win or lose - that is a scam in my book!
Same as phoning in to a premium line on any late night 'quiz' show with no hope of winning. You can even top up your bids on an 0901 number. More fool you for not thinking along the lines of scam! Ebay is a fair auction site, and has set rules on times closing, which are advertised to all, and posted costs to the auctioneer as well!

  Si_L 15:26 16 Sep 2008

Charging you every time you bid is the only way you can win items at ridiculously low prices, its not a scam, its a different angle. Yes, you may throw away money on it and not win anything, but thats something you understand before you sign up. Despite it not being a scam, I still wouldn't recommend the site as its a gamble and the odds are pretty stacked against you winning. Its a new approach to an auction, but one that I'm not comfortable using.

As for topping up your bids on an 0901 number, that is an option, the other is to buy from the site. If you can't work out which is cheaper you probably shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

  monkeyboy21 15:42 16 Sep 2008

'If you can't work out which is cheaper,you probably shouldn't be allowed on the internet'

.....which is exactly how and why these sites work. They prey on people's greed at the thought of getting a 'cheap' deal. How many times do you hear the old adage 'if it's too good too be true it probably isn't'. This is a definite point in case. Everything is loaded against the bettee winning at the best price while maximising the amount of money they spend. The only real winners is the site, and in my book that's still a scam. You said it yourself, it's a gamble and the odds are stacked against you.

  Si_L 16:11 16 Sep 2008

It is a gamble, but there are still a good amount of people who are getting seriously cheap items of that site.

The house always wins, but it is not a scam.

  darkreign 09:22 17 Sep 2008

...but i did'nt mean to start an argument (of sorts).

I have in the interest of experimentation registered with swoopo and bought 20 bids. 20 bids was not enough as i was outbid everytime.

My conclusion is that this is probably a good thing if you're looking for a bargain on an item, providing the item is not in much demand and there are few people interested in it, you'll have better luck winning. My experiment was for a ps3 80gb and found that when i bid at 5 seconds left, other people also bid after me and the time sometimes extended to 8+ minutes. This bidding war and time extension could have gone on forever. Okay but frustrating. If you do have a go then my suggestion would be to bid on 'bid packages' thus increasing your number of available bids to play with.

monkeyboy21 and Si_L, some would not be happy with the way swoopo works but would accept it if it meant grabbing a real bargain. Ebay certainly provides more information for the bidder to make an informed decision before placing bids and is still the recommended auction site.

Thanks to you all

  XenaGlamRocker 12:38 02 Oct 2008

To be honest I think swoopo is unfair. You not only have to pay for your bids, but then the price goes up as well. So you end up paying even more.

There's a new website being launched in December where the price goes down instead of up! Much fairer if you ask me.

click here

They have a competition on at the moment to win a console. Well worth a look.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:19 02 Oct 2008

It should not take a genius to work out the way the site works as the maths are first grade stuff and that you have as much chance of getting something cheap as I have of marrying Eva Longoria.

click here for some other musings. Fools and money............


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