Hard drive setup for a beast of a computer

  RyanTech 22:36 26 Mar 2009

I am planning/building a computer that will cost over £4000.
I lately I been reading a lot of posts on the forums about hard drives/Raid etc what has got me re-thinking me hard drive set up

To start I have a GS1000 (black) for my case.
Now the main thing I want is speed (for a lease the hard drive with OS) but speed all round is good. My first thoughts was to have 6 of the following [url]click here[/url]

Ok let me exspand I want 1 hard that will have OS/programmes on
one that will have lots of media
and one that I will parition the help out of and will have a lot of VM's on it
then they will all be backed up either by Raid 1 or I would ghost them like once a month etc

another idea I had was to have this little beasts [url=click here]click me[/url] as my main drive then have one of theWD VR as my 'VM' drive and a 1TB hard for my media and have it all backed up on one 2TB drive

Now when it comes to SSD I need to confirm that I will be able to fit it in my dray bays (even if I have to get a converter) I have ask Zalman if this is possible but they haven't got back yet

Raid 1
If I have two of the same drive (same size as well) will Raid 1 mean that it does a complete copy of the first drive. and do I need any exspantion cards for Raid

just a note the MoBo will be the Rampage 2 exstream
I hope I have made sense thanks for any imput

  RyanTech 22:38 26 Mar 2009

click me
if your wondering why is says url next to click me it's the bb code from where I have copyed it from the same post another another fourm so if some one can edit it

  I am Spartacus 23:01 26 Mar 2009

I've no experience yet of SSD drives but the Intel X-25s were getting very good reviews in the last few months.

The VelociRaptors are a waste of money, they're a tiny fraction faster (less than 2%) than a 1GB Samsung F1 which costs less than half that. I have both and the VelociRaptor has been a disappointment.

  RyanTech 23:09 26 Mar 2009

kl I look into the F1 as an option

  I am Spartacus 23:21 26 Mar 2009

Computer Shopper May 2009 edition has a review of a number of mechanical Hard Drives with performance graphs, well worth checking out.

  RyanTech 23:34 26 Mar 2009

can't find reviews for hards i been looking at you got any links?

  I am Spartacus 23:42 26 Mar 2009

It's in the magazine but will probably be on their site late next month.

There's drive reviews at click here but no recent ones.

With 6 mechanical drives and a Core i7 you're going to be generating a lot of heat and I'm not sure the GS1000 is necessarily up to getting rid of it. As far as I can see there's no fan(s) blowing air over the drives. After saying that as long as they don't get too close to 60ºC they should be OK.

  RyanTech 01:17 27 Mar 2009

Well SDD in general has gain an increaded amount of interest and the 1TB Samsung F1 is differanty in there as an option

  RyanTech 12:22 27 Mar 2009

See what other have said on other forums
click here
click here

  daveeb 22:44 27 Mar 2009

From my own experience mechanical drives don't fare well when heat stressed. I would say 40c should be the maximum you allow them to get to despite manufacturers quoted temps of around 50-55 max.

  RyanTech 00:26 28 Mar 2009

well i'm not going to have 6 mechanical drives
and I did say that was only a idea
see the following to get a better idea of what i will be doing
click here

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