Hard drive recorder or DVD Recorded

  Nessie 11:40 15 Sep 2005

My video has just packed in. I see HD recorders are about £200 and DVD Recorders are about £100. Which is best, are there any cheaper or would another video be better

  PsiFox 12:20 15 Sep 2005

I went for DVD on the basis that if the hard drive goes I lose anything on it.

  Totally-braindead 12:50 15 Sep 2005

I too have been looking at both as my video seems to be on the way out. I'm tempted to get a hard drive/dvd combo about £200 as you say. I'm thinking that I can record to the hard drive and then if I decide to keep the program, whatever it is, I can then copy it on to DVD. Can't say which is best because I'm in the same boat as you. I've been looking at click here and click here but haven't made my mind up yet.

  pj123 13:06 15 Sep 2005

I assume you mean a standalone DVD recorder, (not PC based)

You will probably need to get another video recorder/player anyway, otherwise how do you play your already existing videos?

I have the Liteon 5006 (non hard drive) DVD recorder and am at present transferring all my old Beta tapes to DVD.

click here for many others.

  Nessie 14:40 15 Sep 2005

Thanks for the help. Dont have many videos just use it for taping tv. have quite afew DVDs though. Yes I do mean a stand alone DVD. Thanks again

  freaky 18:51 15 Sep 2005

Good topic to raise, I have the same dilemma of what make and specification to buy.

Rather like the Panasonic with the 80gb HD, it has good reviews in the link given by pj123.

At present I have a Sony kit consisting of flat screen TV + VHS + DVD + Sony Dolby surround sound with subwoofer and 4 speakers. Because of this I would prefer to get a SONY DVD Recorder as it should be compatible with the TV and Dolby. Unfortunately Sony seem to have bewildering number of models with poor reviews!

The DVD Recorders seem to be reducing in price, therefore I shall probably wait for the market to stabilise before making a decision.

  HXP 23:01 15 Sep 2005

I have the LITEON 5045 with the hard drive which is really easy to use - any programs I intend to keep I copy from the hard drive to DVD and archive. So u have the best of both worlds - it is really good to just flip record without looking for disks and for casual recordings excellent as you just delete them after viewing.

It has some limited editing - enough to get rid of adverts or merge episodes of a series together.

Used it to back up my holiday videos straight from the camcorder to DVD & also copies my personal recorded video tapes to DVD as well.

Displays jpegs, plays mp3 ....

A very god machine for £250

  €dstowe 06:37 16 Sep 2005

There is a huge advantage in putting your programs on to a hard drive before writing to DVD. This is being able to edit out extraneous bits at start and finish and also remove the ever increasing number of adverts that are plaguing the commercial channels these days.

At home I use a computer with a TV card to record to the H/D and then edit out all the rubbish before writing to DVD. If I decide not to keep the recording, it's only twenty pence or so lost in the price of the disk.

  €dstowe 07:46 16 Sep 2005

I should add that by judicious pruning of extraneous material from commercial TV programmes will show just how long they really are. A two hour show with the ads removed will often end up as 1 hr 35 minutes or even less.

I shouldn't decry advertising - it does provide my livelihood after all but, it seems to me that there is just too much, especially as, often, repeats of programmes are hacked to pieces to enable this huge increase in advertising time to be accommodated.

  RICH 08:58 16 Sep 2005

I have been using a Panasonic DVD recorder (Ram and -R) for the last 18 months to 'time shift' all my TV progs from a freeview box with great results,makes vhs look very poor. The 'chasing play' (watching from the begining while recording the remainder) facilility is a boon. Also finding the start of any program is instant, no more winding tapes back and forth.My only regret is that I didn't spend a bit more and get a hard drive machine.

  spuds 10:10 16 Sep 2005

You could perhaps consider the latest Sharp DV-RW260H VHS&DVD Recorder Combination. Quickfind code 92567 at click here

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