Hard drive recorder

  Elwell 08:21 25 Sep 2007

I want to get a hard drive recorder but know nothing about them. I have Freesat through a Sky box attached to tv. Do I just plug the scart from the recorder into the box and will it record any of the channels I can receive or can I only use it straight from tv?


  jack 08:51 25 Sep 2007

The recorder will be similar to a VCR in its set up.

That is it will have its own inbuilt tuner
So that it will record any program you set it to from the normal terrestrial source.
It will also record from an external 'Box'
This will be denoted with the 'L' prefix on screen.
So it will record BBC 1&2 ITV Ch4 Ch5 then series of 'L' numbers which will accord to the 'External Box inputs.
So to record from your Sky box you set up the Sky box to come on at the set time
Then you set the recorder to ditto but set to the appropriate 'L' channel per the manual.

  jack 08:55 25 Sep 2007

'Do I just plug the scart from the recorder into the box and will it record any of the channels I can receive or can I only use it straight from tv?'

That last question highlights the mistaken impression many folk have.
A recorder[VCR or Disk] does not operated from the TV- it is strictly independent- it has its own tuner[capture] circuits - you only access it through the TV.

  Elwell 09:37 25 Sep 2007

Possibly another stupid question. When I set up the recorder will it automatically tune into all the channels the sky box can deliver?

  lisa02 09:38 25 Sep 2007

"or can I only use it straight from tv?"

The TV is the last in the line and has no outputs other than the screen. Connect everything to the inputs on the back of the recorder and connect the recorder to the TV.

As long as you choose the correct source, by pressing the source button on your remote, you can record anything.

  jack 14:48 25 Sep 2007

To Amplify lisa02
When access your Sky box the Tv screen will display all channel accessable. and you can play from there.
You select the program you wish to record and then set the recoder to the appropriate 'L' channel that will accept what every the Sky box is playing at that time.

But buy the thing play and get comfused with the manual
write a list of questions.

To not put you off exactly but I have had my PVR[Hsrd drive-DVD] for two years and I am still discovering stuff- and at the same time want to do stuff- the book says it can do- but it wont do it for me :-{

  Elwell 15:17 25 Sep 2007

Thanks for all the advice. I'm beginning to get a grip on this now. I emailed Humax about one of their machines but was told that as it was a freeview receiver it wouldn't record through an external source (ie Sky box) so the next thing I have to do is find a machine that will.

  ICF 19:38 25 Sep 2007

Can you not receive freeview?
Are there more channels on Freesat compared to Freeview?

  jack 19:41 25 Sep 2007

Get to a big Dealer and a mature sales person.
John Lewis is about the best if there is one near you

  Elwell 20:36 25 Sep 2007

We can't get Freeview in Weymouth. I don't think there's much difference between the two but with freesat you're stuck with a Sky box.

Thanks. John Lewis is a good idea. Unfortunately the Sky box is a problem and I don't want to go down that road too far. It'll have to go.

  ICF 20:41 25 Sep 2007

I have a panasonic DMR-EH-60D DVD/Hard-drive recorder and it recorders from SKY no problems.The only draw back is you have to watch what you are recording.

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