Hard Drive Failure of 14 Month Old Computer -

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 06:59 21 Feb 2003

Hi all,

This post is more out of interest than an actual plea for help but its point is quite serious -

A freind phoned up last night in a bit of a panic. His computer Hard drive had just crashed and of course he is worried about loosing all the data etc. (He is an accountant and has no recent back ups, Luckily, there is no client data on the PC that he will loose, its just his own personal files so a tough lesson learned there then)!

Anyhow, the PC is a Fijitsu Siemens and is just 14 months old.

I Will be arguing that the years warranty should be replaced by the provisions in the SOGA 1979 and that 14 months is not a reasonable legnth of time for a hard drive to fail - Ill keep you posted as to how I get on.

The real reason for posting is that I remember many people complaining about these drives and wondered if there is anybody about that has had a similar experience and what the result was?

Any info welcome in particular with regards to the drives.

Many thanks.

  Tony 07:19 21 Feb 2003

I Build compuers for a living and just latley have had a problem with western digital 5 in the last 6months have failed at about 6 weeks use (not even used a lot just home computers). All failed in the same way one miniute working then crash on reboot invalid boot sector can see all hdd with boot disk or cd but will not format and if fdisked will go as far as 6% then just stay there and go no further, all replaced by wholesaler with Maxtor and no further problems. I am still awayting report from wholesaler who sent them back to WD. All drives by the way were WD 800's.

  Pappyon 07:51 21 Feb 2003

My WD 800 drive failed in just under a year

  MalcSP 09:16 21 Feb 2003

are only guaranteed for one year but the record relating to Fujitsu drives is such that you will have a good case for seeking a replacement and any decent supplier will know that their wholesaler will cooperate. SOGA will help if you want the hassle of taking it to law. An HDD should last at least 3 years. I had an old drive that was new in 1992 and is still working.

Its no hassle to take it to law and I would not expect it to end up in a court case either.

The fact that the majority of the British Public are not aware of the statutory provisions regarding their legal rights is well documented and there mere fact that I will point out that 14 months is not a reasonable legnth of time **Should** have the drive replaced under warranty.

Warranty, now there is an interesting point -

All Electricle goods come with a warranty and this is sold as a benifit to the consumer. However, how many consumers, like my friend, have goods fail on them and think "Oh well, its out of warranty so I had better buy a new one" without realising that the warranty is IN ADDITION to the protection afforded by statute?

Loads I should think and the Manufacturers know this and probably rely on it to avoid many more claims than they would otherwise have. It is a sort of loophole where they are legitamately able to state the the WARRANTY is for a year and give the IMPRESSION that any failures after that period are not down to them. Thats where they are wrong!

We will see, and yes, the Drive itself is a Fujitsu which is why I asked the question as they are known for their failure record.

  Kyomii 10:47 21 Feb 2003

>>>He is an accountant and has no recent back ups<<<

A little off topic here sorry, but wouldn't your freind benefit from getting into the habit of backing up data as he is an accountant?

I know many home users don't bother, but an loosing an incredible workload of accounts would be heartwrenching to say the least.

When he gets sorted, maybe you could politely suggest as a freind that he should perhaps begin backing up his data at least once a week ;)

If he hasn't got a CDRW drive, these can be purchased as little as £20 + VAT for a 20 X - a small price to pay for peace of mind :0)

  Coaster3 11:57 21 Feb 2003

I won't use any HDD other than Maxtor and (I am touching wood) have never had a problem. I do back up regularly just the same!

  davidg_richmond 12:04 21 Feb 2003

some manufacturers will co-operate without much fuss if you speak to them nicely to begin with, so don't get their back up by quoting SOGA and talking of small claims courts, etc until you have done this. two months outside warranty is down to a bit of lenience especially with manufacturers if you bought from them direct.

i think most will remember the issue over FS hard disks and their dodgy component causing a huge number of failures for those bought 2000-01. i should hope that they have rectified this issue especially as it has tarnished their good reputation as HD manufacturers.

as always though in this situation, if the manufacturer/reseller doesnt back down then you can only threaten court action as only they will be able to decide what is a reasonable length of time, so it is a matter of bluff-calling, but they know that the hassle and expense of a court claim far outweighs the cost of replacing a hard disk that may be as little as £40.

  davidg_richmond 12:07 21 Feb 2003

oh and as an accountant if he has any sensitive information at all, he should request that the faulty unit be returned to him in event of a replacement as you never know what happens to your (or someone else's) personal data when a unit is fixed and used as one of those 'reburbished parts' people get.

  RomQ 12:12 21 Feb 2003

"wouldn't your freind benefit from getting into the habit of backing up data as he is an accountant?"

Yup, precisely what I was thinking. It may be just his home PC but to someone like an accountant backing up data should be second nature.

  « Ravin » 14:13 21 Feb 2003

now u lot have made me really nervous!!

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