Hard drive fail under warranty

  terendak_uk 12:57 24 May 2004

Be grateful if anyone understands any legal requirements/ good customer relations for my problem; I have a 6mnth old EZ2 Amacom external HD for backing up my data. It's failed! I sent it back to Amacom and it's taken them about three weeks to tell me it's a mechanical fault and they are not able to retrieve data...they replied
"1) We can replace the drive, and send the unit back to you, but we send the faulty drive, back to the manufacturer for replacement.

2) We can send the unit back to you, and you can send the drive to a data recovery specialist, who should be able to recover the data for you."
Any advice would be much appreciated

  Stormpool 13:02 24 May 2004

If the hard drive is taken apart to retrieve the data, by a 3rd party company, it is likely this action will void your warranty.

Data recovery specialists charge 100's to 1000's of pounds. And I would only recommend if the data is VERY important to you.

click here - ontrack may be worth considering.

I suspect the hard drive manufacturer is under no obligation to retrieve your data, or take responsibility for it.

  terendak_uk 13:06 24 May 2004

will check. Have emailed Amacom back to ask same, obviously.

  Sir Radfordin 13:07 24 May 2004

There is no legal requirement for them to recover your data - and it is likely that this would be explained in the warranty.

If you only use the drive for backing up, do you need to recover anything from it, since you apear to still have the original data.

Like Stormpool says, data recovery is very expensive and only worth doing if the data is of greater value.

  terendak_uk 13:40 24 May 2004

didn't make myself clear. Inevitably, the owner "backed- up" critical files and then........deleted them from the internal HD. Not a leg to stand on, then, really? I shall see how "critical" the data is after I inform him of the info from here. Many thanks

  Stuartli 14:06 24 May 2004

You could try, after getting the drive back, running Ghost or similar utility in an attempt to retrive the data and put it on another drive.

  Stuartli 14:08 24 May 2004

If this fails then you can send it back for replacement.

  Sir Radfordin 14:44 24 May 2004

If the fault is in the drive caddy and not with the hard drive then you won't be able to do much as opening the case will invalidate the warranty. I very much doubt anything other than rebuilding the drive will be able to recover the data.

  terendak_uk 17:36 24 May 2004

thanks very much for input.Appreciated. The drive actualy "grates" on start-up then....nothing. Will have to accept the loss, replace it and not buy Amacom again( have got three others gulp). Not only that,they didn't respond at all until I kept emailing; also, shoudn't take two weeks to check out a HD under warranty

  sicknote 21:30 24 May 2004

You could get some software from ontrack and try and recover all the deleted files on the original H/D.They have software call Data recovery which works well.

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