jezzabevan 10:51 07 Oct 2004

The 20GB hard drive on my computer is almost full, too many games, music files, photos etc etc. Also need a reliable external backup facility, to back up business data, photos etc (also probably whole system) but also need more hard drive space for normal use. Can I combine the two in one external hard drive? Is this advisable? Any advice gratefully received as I am feeling a bit thick! Thanks

  timmer 11:27 07 Oct 2004

Have you tried uninstalling any programs you don't really use? And, in particular, deleting any music files you don't listen to, because unless you have compressed the music files, they can take up alot of space.

As for external drives, internal HDD's tend to give you alot more space per £ than external ones, but external ones are easier because you don't need to fit them in the case. is this the reason why you want an external one, or is it for the sake of portability?

  wee eddie 11:30 07 Oct 2004

USB is slow.

If you have Firewire then a dual standard External HDD:

Firewire/USB 2. Will keep you going through a couple of PCs.

  jezzabevan 12:40 07 Oct 2004

I could get some space back by deleting a few programms files, but I know that the drive would just fill up again! Not sure if I have space in my pc for an additional intermnal HD, would not be averse to fitting one if I could.
I have USB 2.0 but not Firewire - is this easy to install with just a PCI card? Was tinking about getting a Matrox one touch ext hd.

Is it okay to use the additional drive, whether internal or external for normal use as well as for back ups? I suppose these coudl be in different partitions if necessary?


  timmer 13:20 07 Oct 2004

Are you asking if it's easy to install a firewire port with a PCI card? You shouldn't have a problem doing this, but you have to ask if you relly need to use firewire: how many spare usb ports do you have? do you want/need the faster transfer rates? if you check out the maxtor website, you can find out the relative data transfer rates for the different connections. note that they produce drive with single types of connection (usb or firewire) and dual ones.

you can use it for both, and partition it as a normal drive. see the link to their FAQ page...

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