Happy 20th birthday to the CD

  TOPCAT® 22:57 01 Mar 2003

Yes, today is the CD's twentieth anniversary.

Remember when you first bought yours and its price?

'The record companies were only pressing small amounts of CDs for fear of ruining their lucrative cassette and vinyl markets.'

Small world isn't it? TC.

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  two00lbwaster 23:00 01 Mar 2003

TC i wonder if theyre still playable as they have been shown to have problems with delamination if frequently played.

  he he :-) 23:16 01 Mar 2003

Only 20 years and it's already being replaced by mp3 and DVD

  leo49 00:09 02 Mar 2003

My copy of the Dire Straits album mentioned in the article bought on the day release is still going strong - it's worn a darn sight better than I have....


  TOPCAT® 00:29 02 Mar 2003

Obviously Leo, you are in dire straits now! :))


  crx16 00:29 02 Mar 2003

'with the promise of their indestructibility - as demonstrated on BBC's Tomorrow's World' i seem to remember watching that,and they scratched the face of the disc quite badly,and then played it.funny how many CD's i have that now refuse to play as they have a few minor scratches.

  davidg_richmond 00:37 02 Mar 2003

it is off-topic and off-forum but highly pertinent that cd's are still classed as a more expensive media than cassettes when it comes to the music industry (the film industry is adopting this strategy of excused inflation with DVD pricing). finally with broadband we have the ability to remove physical media from the cost equation and download products directly for a reasonable saving. the CD is dead - long live virtual delivery!

  TOPCAT® 00:53 02 Mar 2003

If the CD is dead I suppose many PCA magazine subscribers will soon have to upgade to the DVD disk version. That should swell the coffers, but let's keep quiet about it!! :) TC.

  davidg_richmond 02:12 02 Mar 2003

shhhhhhh! good point topcat! i remember the old times when floppy disks were replaced by cd's and we were told that European trade laws were increasing the levy on CDs, had to be passed onto consumers, etc etc so probably the same with DVD cover media. i think subscribers could soon have the option of logging into a secure site whereby the software could be downloaded (possibly once only for licensing reasons) and the saving passed onto subscribers. the magazines are quite cheap anyway now when you pay by subscription but why bother with the hassle of creating physical media when the community is about to go broadband? obviously they would only bother to implement this in a year or two when it is reasonable.

maybe the FE could offer his/her own opinions on this?

  Stuartli 12:03 02 Mar 2003

The Compact Disc, like the audio cassette, was invented by Philips - it was a spinoff from the 12in LaserVision technology.

Philips realised the potential in an audio version to replace the audio cassette, but almost reluctantly had to link up with Sony to get the concept and technology right.

Philips always did have great ideas, but was often never quite able to bring them to fruition.

  oresome 14:00 02 Mar 2003

"Philips always did have great ideas, but was often never quite able to bring them to fruition."

Ironic then that one of Philips marketing slogans is 'Let's make it happen'

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