Handspring Treo 180

  ricvic 13:38 26 Feb 2003

Novatech are advertising these at £120. Does anyone have experience of these - any good as phones, worth it for mobile web access?

  jazzypop 14:49 26 Feb 2003

I like them, but then I like Handsprings in general.

Be aware that there are two versions - the 180, and the 180g. The 180 comes with a mini qwerty keyboard as the main input method, the 180g uses the 'traditional' Graffiti method. The Novatech version seems to be the 180.

It is a bit big and bulky as a phone, but the combination of a full Palm (Handspring) PDA and a phone in one package compensates.

It requires extra software (freely available) to use with MAPI mail servers, but works just fine with POP3 mail.

Browsing is fast and easy for a mobile device. The ones I bought for work were about £600 without a SIM / contract - £120 is a real bargain for a full PDA and phone combined.

  ricvic 14:54 26 Feb 2003

Thanks for that.

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