hama batteries

  oseven 15:12 17 Feb 2008

I have just bought a new Panasonic camera that uses a scgr-s006e battery.Spare Panasonic batteries are about £33, Hahnel are about £28, but Amazon are selling a Hama battery for under £7.I would normally fight shy of using low quality batteries but surely Amazon would not sell a product if it was likely to damage the item it was used in.Does anyone have any experience of this particular make of battery?

  Al94 16:56 17 Feb 2008

I have used Hama camcorder batteries in the past without any problems. They were much cheaper.

  BT 17:11 17 Feb 2008

Hama is a respected brand in the photographic accessories field.

  spuds 17:38 17 Feb 2008

I have used many Hama branded products over the years. Never had a problem with any of the items.

  Stuartli 17:51 17 Feb 2008

Same for me with Hama products. See:

click here

  oseven 18:33 17 Feb 2008

I have already looked at their web page ,but there is nothing more reasuring than having forum members ok an item.It is still strange that there should be such a wide price difference.
Thanks to all.

  laurie53 18:54 17 Feb 2008

Hama are very big on the mainland.

They haven't yet realised how easy it is to charge rip off prices for Brits, although it could be they are actually being ethical!

  Al94 19:16 17 Feb 2008


  oseven 19:17 17 Feb 2008

I have just been reading about their satnav.they might be big on the continent but their web page was written by that little fellow in Star Wars i am thinking.
"Here you won´t lose power in any case. We offer you in every situation the perfect charging possibility for your navigation device, whether you sit in your car, you would like to connect another device or just have a break in the hotel room."
From their site.
Still very cheap they are.

  Arnie 19:17 17 Feb 2008

"They haven't yet realised how easy it is to charge rip off prices for Brits".

Maybe not, but some HDMI cable retailers have got us sussed out!
I wonder what their profit margin is on some of these sales.

Some cables are more expensive than a 21" CRT TV set!!

  lisa02 19:27 17 Feb 2008

Al94 I think he meant rest of Europe.
Not what us wee Norn Irn folk mean by "Mainland".

Likewise I've had Hama batteries and other goods and they have been of good quality.

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