Halifax dumps Visa

  Wilham 22:23 13 Jan 2009

I knew my Visa cc expiry end date 01/09 was near, and a letter this morning from the Halifax did not come with the expected update. It told me I would receive a MasterCard replacement in a few days. MasterCard ?

Halifax attributes this change to their effort to improve service to customers.

But I now have to edit standing orders for a new cedit card number, and say goodbye to the micro cashback of the old.

I feel it's a set-back, and I may move to a Visa such as Nationwise or Smile. I resent this action and explanation by the Halifax,... am I being over critical?

  tullie 22:34 13 Jan 2009

Mine was changed about a year ago and has had no impact on me.Everything is exactly as before.Why have standing orders etc coming out of your credit card anyway and pay interest.Yes i believe you are being over critical as i found the change over had no effect.Dont know what you mean by Micro cashback though.

  interzone55 23:12 13 Jan 2009

Interestingly First Direct is changing their Maestro (formally Switch) cards to Visa Debit for the same reason.

It's not a problem for me, beyond having to change my card details on Amazon, but I wonder why they've done it. First Direct /HSBC has been a Mastercard bank for years, but they're now fully in the Visa camp for some reason...

  Wilham 23:17 13 Jan 2009

I have used my Visa card in Europe and USA with the ease I do so in the UK. I have doubts about MasterCard's wider access.

Visa have clamped down on retailers who add handling charges to Visa. Not all cards are so careful.

About eight years ago my Halifax Visa cc paid me an annual bonus of one per cent. Over time that was reduced to half, then a quarter per cent, and 2008 it rounded off fractional sums. So on my £6000 spent, Halifax paid just £10 cashback Dec 2008. Yes, better than zero, but it's why I wrote micro.

Standing orders... Espeially useful is PayPal. The added time for money to filter through my credit card is an added security against rogue trading. I even get some cashback.

  Stuartli 23:23 13 Jan 2009

LloydsTSB, now involved with HBOS, changed its Trustcard credit card to Mastercard from Visa a little while back.

Perhaps HBOS has had to follow the same line?

However, my Halifax debit card, which has just been replaced, remains a Visa one.

The curious thing about this new card is that just two digits of the 16-figure card number have been changed.

  Wilham 23:28 13 Jan 2009

I have not paid credit card interest for years; -it is settled as a d. debit automatically on final date by my current a/c.

  Wilham 23:39 13 Jan 2009

Your card has just been replaced, which may suggest the Halifax CC dumping of Visa follows after end of 01/09. Just a thought.

  Stuartli 23:41 13 Jan 2009

I've just checked with Halifax - the two digit changes are a security measure (should have guessed that was the case, although it will be a bit of a bind)...:-(

  Stuartli 00:02 14 Jan 2009

If you read my posting again, you will see that I'm talking about Halifax's debit card.

There would be no point in issuing a Visa card which will be valid until the beginning of 2012, if there was any suggestion of Halifax changing sides.

Halifax's debit card, in fact, used to be Switch until a few years ago; however, even though it's a debit card, through Visa it now carries almost as much protection as a credit card.

My LloydsTSB debit card is a Visa card whereas, as I said, the credit card equivalent (Trustcard) has moved over to Mastercard.

  BT 08:06 14 Jan 2009

If you think yours are confusing. My Orange Marbles card was changed to Beneficial Finance when Orange cancelled its association, and now my Beneficial Gold card (previously Which) is changing to Marbles!

  Mike D 08:24 14 Jan 2009

I'm in the same boat (though not the Gold card) and I've just noticed that the APR is 30.9%. Card paid off and cancelled!

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