Hackney Council, the new gangstas!!!

  Mary_S 22:03 19 Oct 2009

Hey guys,
I would like to share an experience I had with my Hackney Council this weekend, and was hoping someone could advise me on how to appeal.
This Saturday gone buy I visited my local Dominos pizza. I parked up on a single yellow assuming it would be perfectly safe to do so, as it was past 7pm (7.10pm).
However, upon returning back around 7.25 pm I was horrified to find my car had disappeared. I ran down to the local police station, and described the situation. He responded by saying, “Its probably them”, “they always at it in this area”.
You might think he was talking about local thieves operating in the area but rather worryingly he was talking about the council. He phoned and confirmed they had indeed towed my car away.
I proceeded to their car lot an hour later to get my car back. I had to pay £260. £60 for the parking ticket, £200 for them towing the car. The reason they gave was, as I had parked on a single yellow line, they have the right to tow away my car.
This really angers me. Despite a dubious parking ticket, I would have been prepared to pay the £60 parking ticket as this is the rule. However, their action in towing away my car, to demand £200 for it, is robbery. My car was not blocking any entrances, it was not parked dangerously.
Quite clearly this is a scam. The councils action here is like that of a mafia group. Taking away my car for no logical reason and demanding £200 for it. And all this was done what in 15 mins. A guy who happened to be there as my car was being towed away said, they said they had been waiting for 20 mins for me to return before they decided to two away my car. I was gone for 15 mins max.
Its a bunch of bull. Scam, Scam,Scam.
This has really angered me, that my hard earn money has gone just like that, in some bullying tactics.
What do you guys think?
Can anyone advise me on any grounds I can base my appeal on?

  MAT ALAN 22:18 19 Oct 2009

Single yellow lines can apply for anything between one and 23 hours per day and also on Sundays. Double yellow lines always mean 'at any time' and the need to have an accompanying sign was dropped in April 2003. Single yellow lines now apply for any restriction that is less than 'at any time' and it is essential that you check the signs. If the sign does not mention days of operation it means that the restriction applies seven days a week.

"and it is essential that you check the signs"

you will need to go back and do this first...

  Mary_S 22:32 19 Oct 2009

I did later chekc the signs , and it was like MON-SAT 7am-11pm.
Im not arguing about the ticket that was issued for that, im angry about the fact they towed away my car for this, just to make £200.

  spuds 22:46 19 Oct 2009

The only grounds that you would be able to appeal against, is the actual evidence of the signs and lines in the area that the vehicle was located, at the time the 'possible offense' was committed.

Go back to the exact spot that the vehicle was, and take photographic evidence, if you are in doubt.

I believe there is an advisory group called Appeal Now for this sort of issue, so do a Google search, and see if that helps.

One thing that people seem to assume, is that the various council enforcer's are not on 24 hour all year round call. If the signs and lines are correct and 'in compliance with the published laws', then expect the possibility of being fined.

  Forum Editor 22:48 19 Oct 2009

in a parking bay, and not paid a parking fee you would have had half an hour's grace after the issue of the penalty notice, within which to remove your car.

You were parked on a yellow line, however, and under the terms of the The Removal and Disposal of Vehicles (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2007, a parking attendant has the power to order the removal of the vehicle at any time after the issue of a penalty notice.

We're not legal advisers in this forum, but based on my (slight) knowledge of the parking laws I would say that you don't have any grounds to appeal against the removal.

  MAT ALAN 22:53 19 Oct 2009

If you have parked within the times specified i don't see how you have any grounds for appeal..
The only thing that may help you is if the signs are not the correct size, the single line does not have a T-BAR at the end of it

  OTT_Buzzard 23:18 19 Oct 2009

Also i believe that any breaks in the yellow line invalidate it, but that'll be a court case to prove i suspect.

Again, inadequate signage of the restrictions, but by the sounds of things they have that covered.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:38 19 Oct 2009

The sign showing 'MON-SAT 7am-11pm'..should have been a massive clue. Guilty as charged.


  ened 07:48 20 Oct 2009

I don'y think the OP is trying to claim innocence, merely pointing out the OTT actions of removing the vehicle in such a short space of time.

Yet another example of hitting on motorists for cash.

To me, even a £60 fine is too much when you compare it to the laughable penalties for real crimes against people or property!

  JanetO 08:54 20 Oct 2009

I always thought the council could only tow away if the car was causing an obstruction. But maybe they've changed the law to suit their money-spinning business.

  bazb 11:42 20 Oct 2009

Hi Mary

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