Hacked off at Pipex

  Cybermaxx 16:46 04 Jun 2005

First of all I phoned them up to cancel my subscription, and was told that I had to email it. Fair enough.

Three weeks ago I sent the appropriate email(A minimum of thirty days notice is required. I gave them almost double that.). I received an automated response, "Your request has now been passed to our Customer Retention Department
for processing." etc.

Nothing since, so I emailed them today to confirm the cancellation. Another automated response, "Hello there, thank you for your message. PIPEX has changed its cancellation process and you now need to contact our Customer Services team on 0845 077 2455 who will be able to advise and help you.

Meanwhile, My Pipex displays the next invoice date, as if I was still a subscriber. What are they playing at? Of course I'm going to make sure that they don't receive any more payments, but that's not the point. Are these people professional or not?

  garrema 18:47 04 Jun 2005

To the MD. Explain your reasons, be polite and instruct your bank to not pay the DD after a certain date.
Can't say I'm chuffed with them either.

  Shawshank1984 17:48 05 Jun 2005

I was with Pipex for over 18 months but when I emailed them with either a request to lower their lofty prices (subsequently they have a little) or give me my MAC number they merely supplied the latter.
Did me a massive favour as went from 1mb with Pipex at 27.99 onto 2.2mb with Prodigy on a rolling 1 month contract at £14.99!!

  Cybermaxx 19:06 05 Jun 2005

What is a MAC number? I probably should know what it is, but I don't!

  Mr Beeline 20:58 05 Jun 2005

A MAC code is a generated code given to your ISP by BT. When you are given this code, your ISP is agreeing to your migration.

  harps1h 21:00 05 Jun 2005

a MAC number is to enable the switch over to another isp without a break in connection. i was with pipex and i did the same and sent a mail asking for a lower price or MAC. they also sent me a MAC no. by post. after that it was a smooth transitionno phone calls to ask me to stay or an offer to lower my rate even though they knew that was why i was moving. the retention dept may mean that someone employed there to stop you from leaving may ring much the same as sky or ntl may do. their job is to ensure that you stay onboard. i never got that call however you may be different. all you then have to do is to register with another isp giving your MAC on the application and they will do the rest

  Cybermaxx 21:12 05 Jun 2005

Ah, I see! So I may actually have to ask Pipex to provide me with this MAC number?

My intention is to take a break from the internet for a couple of months, then have a look around at the deals on offer. I don't know whether I'll return to Pipex or not (they're my first broadband ISP, as you can tell from the above posts!).

Btw, if I sign up with another ISP, would the fact that I now own an ADSL modem make any difference? I mean, do they offer discounts to people who already own the necessary hardware?

  harps1h 21:41 05 Jun 2005

depends on the isp but i wouldn't take a break when it is so easy to make the switch. there are so many offers out there i would stay tight and look around. then you can make an informed decision as what to do. there are many different options and many of them depend on your location as what isp will supply you and how close to the bt exchange you are (this will determine the maximum download rate you can acheive)to determine this go to the bt website where there is a checker which will tell you the max download you can acheive. i for instance can only get a max of i mb even though the exchange is enabled for 2mb, due to the distance i am from the exchange.

  Mr Beeline 21:57 05 Jun 2005


If you have signed up for Broadband recently, BT sync's your line to the exchange at the max it will support. It's then up to your ISP to throttle you back to the speed you are actually paying for. So.... if you have a USB BB modem, enable the "connection icon" that goes in your Icon tray and hover your mouse over it. This will tell you what speed you are currently sync'd at. While mine says 2MB, I only in fact have a 256kbps service (coz I'm a cheapskate!)

If anyone is interested, MAC stands for Migration Authorisation Code .

Good luck what ever you decide.

PS. Tend to agree with harps1h, that it's so easy to change ISP these days (or rather "should be") that I'd just look around and choose another provider.

  girrock 22:27 05 Jun 2005

Hi Cybermaxx,
Ref your intention to take a break from the internet for a couple of months. I recently migrated ISP's and the MAC only held for a month. I was given an expiry date for it. Presumably this might be the same with all ISP's. As harps1h said it allows a smooth change over without a break in service.

  Cybermaxx 18:37 06 Jun 2005

That is disappointing news, girrock. I want to take a break from the net for several reasons, mainly because I'm sick of it after four and a half years! I'm not really making much use of it either, certainly not enough to justify paying out hundreds of pounds every year.

I currently have a 512kb connection. Still awaiting (could be August!) a "free" upgrade to 1MB, but BT are supposed to be seeing to that, not Pipex....

Meh, to heck with it! Time for a long break.

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