Greenwich Communication Centre - abysmal service

  Voxpop 19:45 18 Aug 2009

Sold me (as it turned out) a second hand desk pc with a failing hard disk, so obviously no pre-delivery inspection.

Finally managed to get them to take it back whereupon they replaced the hard disk without letting me know, and ignored my telling them that I had backed up my office suite to the k drive, which meant I lost the lot. Curiously, however, the nVidia drivers were retrieved from the previous computer.

Their whole attitude was dismissive and I just hope that there are no further problems as all trust has completely broken down.

On the upside, I did managed to get another copy of Word Perfect X4 from the software vendor.

  interzone55 20:31 18 Aug 2009

I'm confused

If the hard drive was failing why did you back up your office suite to the "k drive" which seeing as you lost it I presume is on the same drive?

Also, if the drive was failing why are you surprised they swapped it?

  WolframBlitzen 03:01 20 Aug 2009

If you buy a computer and it goes faulty, the people who sold you it don’t have to get your say-so to change faulty parts. They already have that, since you told them to fix or replace the computer. This applies to the hard drive as well.

Keeping a backup of something on a hard drive inside the computer, and having that as your only backup, is ASKING for trouble. With regards to your nVidea know that drivers are freely available from their website, yeah?

Another thing: were you made aware it was a second hand PC before you handed over any money?

I’m just as confused as Alan14.

  Forum Editor 00:56 21 Aug 2009

because the hard drive was failing, and they replaced it. That seems to me to be exactly what you should have expected - they certainly didn't need to ask you first.

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