Graphics Tablets

  Jay 23:05 20 Apr 2004

I'm wanting to get a graphics tablet to make touching up photos etc a bit easier. I've seen a Genius Wizard at about £20 but know nothing about how good this make is. Is there anyone who could offer me a bit of advice? A friend has had a Wacom tablet for years and I know that this is very good but the Voli is double the price of the Wizard and has a mouse that I'm not really bothered about. Is it really worth the extra £20? Thanks.

  Dragon Heart 23:39 20 Apr 2004

Aldi have just repeated their offer of an A4 sized 'Wacom' type tablet for £30, they may still have some left !

  €dstowe 06:50 21 Apr 2004

Being users of a number of graphics tablets, including several A3 size ones, our experience is that the only ones to go for are the Wacom.

They are, by far, the most versatile and reliable. All other brands have one of more disadvantages over the Wacom type such as: lack of accuracy in placing the stylus/cursor, needing batteries in the stylus and mouse (if supplied), relatively low quality construction, lack of versatility (no multiple functions, no pressure sensitivity, no changes possible to the stylus such as line thickness when drawing, function) and so on.


  ventanas 16:24 21 Apr 2004

Agree with €dstowe There really is no comparison, and if you don't mind a small drawing area the Graphire is quite cheap. I think about £60 now. I've got two of them and they do me just fine. Actually included a copy of Painter as well.

  FEEBS 17:48 21 Apr 2004

I have a Qware bought from QVC it was around £35 I think - comes with a pen and wireless mouse, usb connected. Can open and close applications with it and it also does many other things. Line width and pressure sensitive.. Seems to be good value.

  Diemmess 18:11 21 Apr 2004

The small one doesnt really cost so much.

Have had the forerunner of the tiny Wacom cheap end of the range and then a later version which still used a serial port.

It is fine, fuss free and all you need for fiddling with pictures.

Only reservation which will apply to every make using a stylus. ........Give yourself a break and use the conventional mouse as much as you can with the stylus for the fancy bits. .............If you like it as much as I think you will, it is tempting to use it for all sorts, and you will soon begin the warning aches of RSI from keeping the right hand in the air for too long at a time.

  Jay 19:17 21 Apr 2004

Just a 'Thankyou' to everyone for your input and advice. I think it is pretty obvious which one I need to get! I will also follow your advice, Diemmess, and perhaps the included mouse will be useful to encourage a break from the stylus. Thanks again everyone.

  Diemmess 09:39 22 Apr 2004

The included mouse is not that important, because it should be possible to connect both tablet and your favourite mouse at the same time, and then use whichever you want at the time.

It can give a What's Wrong? sort of fright, if you are careless and leave the stylus lying on its pad................. and then try to use an "unresponsive" mouse!

  €dstowe 11:23 22 Apr 2004

- - - you can get some terrible jitters of the cursor as well if you leave the stylus on the pad and then use the mouse.

We have one machine that seems over-sensitive and when using the pad/stylus we have to put the mouse in the "dead" position (on its back) to stop jitters:)


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