Graphics headache!!

  CPUover 23:59 28 Apr 2008

Ok i know this pretty common question in the pc world but i am just going dizzy now with there being so many cards out there too choose from. I am currently running:
ATI Radeon X1650 Pro
DAC 400MHz
Total Graphics memory: 1023mb
Dedicated Video memory: 256mb
Shared system memory: 767mb

Now that dont mean much 2 me really but on the card it self it does say DDR3. my PC setup is:
2GB memory, Vista rating 5.9
CPU AMD 64x2 5000+ overclocked, vista rating 5.3
my graphics card gets a vista rating of 5.3

So with a budget of £130 to £160 can i make a decent improvment on the card i already have? i can run UT3 on full spec with a very slight stutter at the start of a battle then it settles. Stalker is the pain, medium settings and then thats only just really.
What do you ppl think i should look at?

If it helps my mobo is a ECS GeForce6100PM-M2 :) sorry if this is long winded.

  GaT7 00:52 29 Apr 2008

You don't have to spend more than £105 for a significant improvement, but don't go for anything less than a 8800GT.

PNY 8800GT 512Mb click here for £105 (free delivery click here). If you can find a cheaper 8800GT elsewhere, go for that.

Benchmark comparison click here - an overclocked 8800GT is 12th from top while a stock X1650 Pro is 8th from bottom. G

  CPUover 07:18 29 Apr 2008

that benchmark is very helpful cheers, very nice card too.

  researcher 22:36 01 May 2008

Just check that your motherboard will run it - it may need a BIOS update, or if your lucky it may not. The manufacturers web-site will advise.

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