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  bsheep9 17:11 11 Aug 2005

hi i've got an intel pentium 4 celeron 2.6/2.8 porcessor, 768mb pc2700 ram and agp 8x on a win xp home computer.

As i have a radeon 7000 i hope to upgrade it to the likes of an x600/x700 or 6600/GT graphics. With a budget of around £100-130 which would be best?

I rekon the 6600GT graphics but i can only see them in 128mb form. Is this enough? Or should I look harder for the 256mb version?

With this upgrade I hope to play games like ut2004, generals, battlefield 2, hl2 and doom 3. I would also like it to play ut2007, red alert 3, quake 4.

Any advise would be highly appreciated.

  Moon1980 19:23 11 Aug 2005

The fill rate of a 6600GT really means that the 256MB version does'nt really provide as much of a performance boost as you would like to think.
The 8 pixel piplines mean that the pre-rendered frames can not be drawn any faster and in effect sit in the memory.
You would be better of sticking to a 128MB version or upgrading the calss of GPU you are think of buying to 6800.

The 6600GT is by far the better of the cards you have mentioned and click here are selling a 6600GT PNY card for £105 inc vat. click here

The 6800GT's have dropped below the £200 mark click here would really be a jump up in performance. Anything above that would not really be worth getting due to the low specs of the rest of the system.

Either a 6600GT or 6800GT would allow you to play all of the game mentioned at very acceptable image quality and framerates.

Would check to see that you powersupply is at least provding 300 true watts to the system as the cards do take a lot of jiuce and anything under 300w could result in powerfaliure and an unstable system.

  citadel 20:10 11 Aug 2005

a 6600 gt is the best bet, if your processor is a celeron you may struggle to play battlefield 2.

  garrema 13:39 12 Aug 2005

For BF2 and looking to the future UT07 I think your processor will be let you down.
I suspect that a 66 will be waiting for the processor to do the physics. And a 6600 needs a lot of power so check what you have vs what the spec is.
Also (off topic)with BF2 lots of people are reporting poor gameplay on seemingly high end systems which "only" 2GB seems to solve. God knows whats the likely best spec for UT07.

  bsheep9 16:56 12 Aug 2005

Thanks a lot, also any particular makes of the 6600GT which are favourable?

Also my m8 had a lot of problems with certain dodgy sites which i don't reli want to go through. Are there any decent sites which have a lot of good feedback to avoid this sort of problem. I would also like to buy a pc133 512mb ram module from the same site.

finally where/how can you find out your power rating of your psu other than the manual (I've lost mine)


  DieSse 17:11 12 Aug 2005

finally where/how can you find out your power rating of your psu

On a label on the PSU - normally on the side, sometimes on the top.

  bsheep9 18:07 13 Aug 2005

i have 280 Watt PSU. Which card should i get?

  GaT7 18:39 13 Aug 2005

I reckon you'll need a more powerful PSU. Most modern graphic cards require at least 300W & is usually mentioned on the manufacturer's website - worth a check.

To get a rough estimate of the power required for your PC spec use this power supply calculator click here.

Good luck with your eventual choice & purhase : ) G

  GaT7 18:42 13 Aug 2005

Also note that the graphics card you purchase may need direct connection to your PSU. G

  bsheep9 19:40 13 Aug 2005

ok i don't think i have a spare ide power plug and i cannot change my psu because my speakers connect to it directly for power (yea I know its terrible but that's packard bell for u).

Are there any alternative graphics cards which don't need an extra power socket and can accept a 280W psu?

  GaT7 20:50 13 Aug 2005

"i don't think i have a spare ide power plug" - that shouldn't be a problem as cable splitters are widely available (some g'cards, usually 'older' Radeon-based, require a floppydisk-type connector).

"i cannot change my psu because my speakers connect to it directly for power" - if this is an issue with your new PSU, you should be able to connect your speakers with a standard PC power cable directly to the mains - worth a look into. BTW, what speakers do you use? You may need a decent 2.1 setup (at the very least - 5.1 recommended) to get better & more powerful sound effects while gaming.

"Are there any alternative graphics cards which don't need an extra power socket and can accept a 280W psu?" - there are probably a number of mid to lower-end older model g'cards that can get by with a 250W PSU. Again, always best to check this on the manufacturer's website. The same applies to the necessity of extra IDE/floppy drive connectors - some older mid to low-end g'cards don't require them, or consider cable splitters. BUT beware, these g'cards may not be enough to satisfactorily play the games you've mentioned. G

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