Graphics Card: UMA 4500MHD

  Mary_S 18:46 12 Dec 2008

Dear All,
I am considering buying a laptop which the the following graphics card,
There is hardly anything on the net about this so was after some advice.
I have no intention on using my laptop to play games but i may watch a few dvds from time to time.
I know this graphics card is weak but will it be a problem for dvds or avi files?
Does anyone know?

  curofone 19:14 12 Dec 2008

your right it is an integrated graphics card used on budget machines but it will have no problems at all playing dvds and internet videos etc.

  Mary_S 20:13 12 Dec 2008

Hey Curofone,
Thanks for your reply. Im considering a laptop between the two and cannot make my mind up.
click here

click here

The Dell is £100 but you get a dedicated graphics card and a better processor and blu-ray drive.
I dont mind spending the extra money but do i really need to if im not playing games.
Theres only small difference in the processor right, which would probably only be noticable in games.
Im awful when it comes to making decisions lol. Care to make this one for me?? :)

  curofone 20:55 12 Dec 2008

You need to decide what you actually want the machine for, there is no point getting one with dedicated graphics if you are not going to need them, if you are not going to playing games then you really do not need dedicated graphics. On board graphics will easily cope with every day task and watching video etc.

as for blu-ray do you need blu-ray? and i do not no what connection this machine has but if it does not have a HDMI port on it then the blu-ray is pointless as you are not going to get the full experience of blu-ray on a 15" screen and a display which is no where close to HD resolution

have you considered something like this click here pretty much the same spec as the sony and an equal brand but a lot cheaper.

BTW you can also get the sony at play a bit cheaper than the currys price click here and finally the processor inside the sony is actually slighty better than the dell

  curofone 21:00 12 Dec 2008

Just done some research after posting that and the dell does have a HDMI port some the blu-ray is not useless but the screen res is only 1200 x 800 so you really do need to be hooking up to HD tv to get the true experience of HD from it otherwise might as well stick to good old dvds

  Mary_S 21:07 12 Dec 2008

Hey curofone,
Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I know someone who can get me discount from currys so i wouldd get it cheaper then
I think I probs will end up getting the Sony. Your right, Im not going to play games (we have an xbox and a desktop already in the house) so i do not need a dedicated chip.
The HDMI bit sounds good but then im not going to pay for blu-ray dvds so in the end that would be useless.
The major thing that was bugging me was the processor but you say the one on the Sony is better then the Dell??

  curofone 21:13 12 Dec 2008

Yeah if you go to this website click here they have tested a lot of the mobile processors and put them in a nice ranking table for all to see and the processors in these two machine are ranked right next to each other with the one in the sony ben slightly better.

If you are going to buy from currys than i would suggest that if you are going to get an extended warranty then to go straight to sony themself normally competive on price and will get a millions times better service then from the techguys.

  Mary_S 21:39 12 Dec 2008

Thats great!! So apart from the HDMI and graphics card which is goign to be pointless for me the Sony is a better laptop for an hundred quick less. Thanks, I'm more confident in buying the Sony now.
I'll give Sony a call over their warranty. I would be able to get an substantial discount for the techguys warranty due to an inside promotion. Have you experienced Sony warranty service yourself ? If its that good, then you cannot afford ot be cheap on these things i guess.

  curofone 21:50 12 Dec 2008

Well wehat i can say is that i use to work for the techguys during gap year i took from uni not too long ago so i know how bad the serive can be from them, the staff are not technically trained and thereofore you only ever get good serive if you either 1. get somewhere who has been there for a long time and actually knows what they are doing and know the procedures (there are not many of them left) or 2. get through to someone who has technical knowledge from else where (but again not may of them). The techguys give bonuses to there call handlers based mainly on the amount of calls they take rather than the quality of the calls.

As for sony's warranty from my experience they will normally send out a DHL courier the next day to pick up your machine if it is faulty and it is normally returned within the week (but i do not know the max possible time the contract states a repair might take)

The techguys will normally send out a DPD courier the next day if you call before midday (DPD are pretty terrible in my opionion, only courier company that is worse is HDNL) the machine is quoted as being away for 7 to 10 working days but the contract states they can hold it for upto 6 weeks from your phone call before you are able to get a replacement machine which in itself will take another 1 to 2 weeks.

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