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  Chiisu 20:58 14 Nov 2007

Hi, i'm relatively new to understanding graphics cards, and i have a few questions.
These are my pc specs:

ACPIx86 Based PC
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Core Duo CPU E6750 @2.66GHz
nVidia GeFore 8600 Gt 256mb

Firstly i would like to know if it's worth buying a second 8600 Gt graphics card at 512mb, to use at the same time as the other card, would this improve my gaming quality dramatically? for games such as Crysis

  citadel 21:54 14 Nov 2007

I think you need another card with 256 memory, you will find that you get better perfomance in some games more than others. make sure your psu can cope with the extra demands.

  wjrt 22:05 14 Nov 2007

keep looking and grab an 8800gt card and sell the 8600gt on e-bay or whatever as the 8600gt is not a very good card and the 8800gt is right up almost at the very top

  Joe R 22:29 14 Nov 2007


it will depend on your motherboard being SLI enabled. i.e. able to run two cards at once.

Another card of the same make, would boost your graphics to approximately, the equivilent of an 8800 Gts card.

  Chiisu 22:48 14 Nov 2007

How do i check if my motherboard is SLI enabled?

  GaT7 23:33 14 Nov 2007

Chiisu, first find out what make & model (using click here), then look it up on the manufacturer's website.

Btw, the card doesn't have to be the same make, but I think it needs to match the RAM specs - 256Mb & DDR2/DDR3.

I agree with wjrt in getting a single 512Mb 8800GT (not GTS) card instead & selling off the 8600GT - an example at £163 delivered click here. Article with benchmarks click here. G

  GaT7 23:34 14 Nov 2007

The first link merged into one! I meant
click here / click here / click here. G

  donki 00:16 15 Nov 2007

Id go for a MINIMUM of a 8800GTS 640 if your looken to run Crysis on medium to high settings. As has been said before the 8800GT is the card to have at the minute, but impossible to get hold of a good brand. There are a few on E-Bay bu there are selling well over their RRP. SLI IMO is a poor second best to a single more powerful card, this is due to games having to be optimized for SLI which most aren't.

  GaT7 14:55 15 Nov 2007

donki, why go for a 8800GTS 640Mb when a 8800GT is better & £50-60 cheaper? The 8800GT will be available in a few weeks & BFG (see my Amazon link) is a good brand.

I agree with your SLi comment though : ) G

  donki 16:10 15 Nov 2007

Um well becasue you cant get the 8800GT anywhere at the minute and I cant see anywhere having them for Xmas, I rang and enquired with Amazon and all their allocation is on Prebook, in fact I rang nearly every UK company. Plus I only meant the 8800GTS as minimum performance wise, Ive read nery good things about the GT model, so I would recommend it as the one to get..... just good luck getting the hold of it.

  citadel 18:21 15 Nov 2007 choice of bfg or inno3d 8800gt.

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