Graphics Card HELP!!!

  AudioFreak 20:39 24 Sep 2009


I have a HP and I'm looking for a new graphics card and need some help getting the right one I'm looking for a mid range card not to pricey with S-video out think it needs to be PCIe x16 but not 100% any help welcome.


  GaT7 22:20 24 Sep 2009

Is this your system click here?

What are you hoping to achieve with the upgrade?

What's the system's PSU power wattage rating & +12V figure? This info will be on the PSU's label. G

  AudioFreak 07:47 25 Sep 2009

I'm looking to play Battlefield Pacific really and my current card isnt good enough.

Not suer about the PSU power where would the label be that tells me that?

It says mine is a PCIe x16 but there are PCIe x16 and PCIe 2.0 x16 can I use both?

If you could suggest a card that will play the above game I would be most greatful


  GaT7 15:46 25 Sep 2009

You mean Battlefield 1943 click here, don't you?

I did a search for the graphics card requirements at the EA forum click here, but there's plenty of conflicting advice.

The best graphics card you could possibly run (without having to upgrade the PSU as well), is a ATI HD4670 click here. These cards are reasonably good at games, & don't require extra power from the PSU via a power connector - that's why I think it'll be a good choice.

To find out your PSU's power, you'll need to open the case & have a look at the label click here. It should be at least 300W. G

P.S. Don't worry about PCI-E 1.1 & 2.0 standards - the latter is backwards compatible

  GaT7 15:52 25 Sep 2009

Sorry, forgot to ask if it's a slim-type case? Like the one ambra4 linked to in your other thread click here.

Please keep your queries to the one thread to avoid confusion.

Also check for space inside the case next to the PCI-E slot. Most modern graphics cards have a dual-slot cooler & could occupy 1-2 adjacent PCI slots. G

  AudioFreak 10:03 26 Sep 2009

That looks good thanks for the advice.

I still need to be able to hook my tv up to my computer as this doesn't have S-video out and I dont have a HDtv how would I now do this

  AudioFreak 11:02 26 Sep 2009

Sorry I meant battlestation Pacific see link click here

  AudioFreak 11:07 26 Sep 2009

Output is 300W max from what I can see

  GaT7 17:37 27 Sep 2009

Is it a slim type case? If it's a slim-type case, the full-height graphics card suggestion won't do - so it's important you answer this correctly.

Visit click here, choose Battlestations: Pacific in the list & run the test. Apart from the graphics card, is the rest of your system good enough?

If the PSU output is 300W then a HD4670 might be OK, although ATI recommends a 400W PSU click here.

Regarding the S-video, a Sapphire HD4670 has this (click here), but it isn't easy to find to buy. Only Pixmania appears to have stock click here. G

  AudioFreak 07:42 28 Sep 2009

No I have a full sized tower

  AudioFreak 07:45 28 Sep 2009

Everything else passes apart from my card to :)

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