m0ng00se132 18:56 17 Aug 2007

ok, im going for a new pc with a AMD AM2 Athlon 64 X2-4400 dual core processor and 2GB DDR 2 667 MHz RAM
for gaming but i was wondereing if i should go for a Nvidia GForce EN8600GT 256MB Graphics card or a faster processor, the same as above but the 5000 model with a EN8500GT 512MB graphics card, anyway i would like to know what would give greater gaming performance in ,say UT3, GOW, Cnc 3 etc?

  harps1h 19:06 17 Aug 2007

i would go for the 8600 as it should give better performance. although i would say if the budget stretches search pricing on an 8800gts 320mb to provide a bit of future proofing and dx 10 performance

  citadel 19:11 17 Aug 2007

8800gts 320 memory version is what is needed if you want to play new games in high detail with a good fps.

  Starfox 19:11 17 Aug 2007

As harps1h says go for one of the 8800 series cards, even if it's only the 320mb one. You will regret it later if you get an 8600 card.

  harps1h 20:04 17 Aug 2007

click here
i would also add that your motherboard will need to have 16x channels on the pci-e to get the best out of it

  project 90 17:04 19 Aug 2007

yup stay away from the 8500 and 8600 really poor performance

8800gts is ur best bet for price and power

if your mobo has only got agp try a 7900 or 7950gtx

  ICF 19:15 19 Aug 2007

Graphics card reviews

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  Totally-braindead 19:27 19 Aug 2007

The 8600GT is not bad but I have to agree with the others, if you can stretch to the 8800GTS its better still.
The 8500 is in my opinion not worth considering.

  Armchair 20:42 19 Aug 2007

New PC? 8800 GTS minimum. £170. Do it! You'll just end up upgrading again soon if you don't.

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