Sapins 11:42 28 Jun 2005

Are GPS systems going to come down in price shortly?

  wee eddie 13:37 28 Jun 2005

Just after you decide to buy, as well!

In the same way as the Camera warning devices are now below £100 on some sites. They used to cost over £350

  spuds 16:42 28 Jun 2005

Maplins keep having special offers, and I notice eBuyer have a 'cheapy' on their website.

  Sapins 16:52 28 Jun 2005

I asked because a friend said not to buy for a month or two as reductions all round were in the pipeline.

  Dizzy Bob 17:53 28 Jun 2005


do you mean Sat Nav systems for the car, complete with mapping software, or just a GPS positioner?

Sat Nav is trading strongly at the moment, with demand outstripping supply, especially on tomtom units, so i would not expect any big discounts in the near future.

Having said that, when one leads others usually follow, so if one retailer drops price, then who knows...

Dizzy Bob

  mole44 20:08 28 Jun 2005

like everthing we buy 2 weeks later it goes down in price.i suggest you buy it,i got a navman 510 for £399 from halfords.i wouldn`t be without it and i expect the price to drop in the future.go get one there fantastic.

  Sapins 21:02 28 Jun 2005

Sat Nav for the car.

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