Government may tax personal computers

  anchor 09:47 03 Mar 2005

Quote from today`s Times:

"The BBC licence fee should be replaced by a tax on the ownership of a personal computer instead of a television, ministers said yesterday".

A sign of things to come in the years ahead.

  Arnie 10:40 03 Mar 2005

Why not increase the tax on walking sticks and shoes to reduce the car tax on vehicles? It would be just as daft as some of the changes to our laws we are seeing being introduced.
It makes me wonder what moronic ideas our ministers have up their sleeves in the near future.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:09 03 Mar 2005

Personal computers are already taxed....*ahem*...VAT.


  g0slp 12:11 03 Mar 2005

But VAT's a one-off tax - this would be an annual payment :-((

  pj123 12:54 03 Mar 2005

A quote from my local paper:

The licence fee is safe for the next 10 years...

The licence fee will remain at least until the charter comes up for renewal again (2016), but a review will be set up to consider alternative funding sources - including the possibility of subscription for BBC services - after that point.

I pay one licence fee which covers any number of TVs that I have (2) but I have 8 computers (I teach IT)???

  wee eddie 13:59 03 Mar 2005

No TV.

No PC that is able to receive such a signal.

I have to admit that radio is a good deal, at that price.

  zarobian 15:19 03 Mar 2005

If Sky,Itv and others can run their stations without license fee why cann't BBC accept advertisement and pay for itself.

  Happy Soul 16:40 03 Mar 2005

It won't come until 'every home has a computer', as promised by our wonderful President.

The same thing happened with diesel cars. I was lured by the far lower cost of diesel, back in 1990, but now pay more than unleaded.

The same will happen with LPG.

What next? Tax on Fresh air! + VAT of course.

  Pusherman 16:41 03 Mar 2005

If you have a TV and pay for a license, and you then go out and buy a computer should you then have to prove that you have a TV license and thus get a tax refund on your computer, otherwise you are paying twice?

If you don't have a TV or a license and then go out and buy a computer, and it had a TV tuner card and thus the ability to receive a TV signal, would you have to buy a license each year?

If you have no TV and no license and you buy a PC with no TV tuner card and you promise never to buy a TV tuner card would you still have to pay the extra TAX?

Or is this tax to 'pay' for the fact that you csn watch certain programmes on the BBCi website? In which case what if you don't use your pc for internet access?

Just a few thoughts...


  Forum Editor 18:40 03 Mar 2005

please do so without any specific political references - they'll only be deleted.

  winterstarling 19:07 03 Mar 2005

technically if its got an aeriel socket you should have a licence, even if you dont use it.

i seem to remember the government also originally said analogue TV was offically dead in 2005 to give way to digital.

i wouldnt pay to much attention to hearsay, i think half the time stories are leaked to test public opinion on the web anyway. so keep vocal

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