Got some vouchers need some advice on a desktop

  mattaff 23:55 28 Jun 2009

Ok basically Just been awarded £1400 vouchers on a PC performance (techGuys) insurance policy i took out 4 1/2 years ago. Sweet!!!

I bought a high end pc last time around with a Pentium 4 HT processor 3.4GHZ

I am limited to pc world.

Looking at the spec of their pcs whilst I can get i7 processor that has 2.2ghz speed. Can someone clarify whether the speed of this is going to be noticeably faster than my previous pc. Or do i go for a Q800 whith higher ghz?

Also any suggestions as to what would be the best pc for around £1000 ( all in speakers and monitor)I want to save some cash for a new camera!!! Whilst I am not gamer i do like to have a pc that will last the test of time, with a few upgrades.



  qbie 00:45 29 Jun 2009


You can't really compare CPU speeds across different lines of CPU, only directly with each other. So, a 2.2ghz Core i7 might be slower than a 2.6ghx i7, but you can't compare that against a 2.2 ghz AMD Phenom as they are different architectures. Although, the core I7 will totally blow your old P4 away, as not only is it multi core which greatly benefits you when multi tasking, any apps which take advantage of the multi cores will run much, much faster, and even those that don't and only run on a single core will probably run much faster due to the increased efficiency of the CPU over your old P4.

Also memory bandwidth etc.. will be much higher, as the Core i7's use DDR3.

click here

If you got something like that, and got a nice big monitor to go with it you wouldn't have any complaints!

Just check your software is compatible with 64-bit Vista - if you do want to downgrade to XP make sure you make a set of recovery discs first, but also be aware you'll only get use of just over 3GB of ram due to limitations of 32-Bit XP, so ther other 3GB will just be sitting there unused. Personally I'm using 64-Bit Vista Ultimate and haven't yet found an App or Game that won't run on it.

  OTT_Buzzard 00:52 29 Jun 2009

The i7 you have mentioned will give *massive* performance improvements over your old 3.4GHz.

The core i7 is a quad core processor (i.e. 4 processors in one package) so the apparently lower frequency is not an issue (there are also signifcant improvements made in FSB freq's as well as with on board cache, multimeda instructions and a whole host of other things).

There's no Q800 processor - i'm guessing it's a typo. You can have a Q8200, Q8300 and a few others. Ther performance of these obviously depends on the exact chip.

Generally the i7 is very best for multimedia and gaming work but can outperform most of the Q8xxx range for most tasks. There is, however, a price premium for it.

  retep888 01:50 29 Jun 2009

This DELL click here from PCWorld might best suit you, it has a general purpose Graphic card(it's not the best gaming machine but still will last the test of time).

It comes with everything as well as a 22" monitor and under £1000(Price inc VAT £949.99.

  UK Sub 07:17 29 Jun 2009

Although you are not a gamer.

click here

This site will at least tell what standard of graphics card is in the computer (if you are torn between two).

  mattaff 14:07 29 Jun 2009

Thanks guys just the Advice I was looking for.

much appreciated

  Dizzy Bob 19:28 29 Jun 2009

Just a thought

You dont have to spend the £1400 on the PC!

retep888's advice will leave you some money over for something else, TV, PS3, whatever takes your fancy.

If you got the vouchers in a swipe card format, and balance remains on the card. If they are in paper form, any change can be transferred to a gift card in store.

Oh, and dont forget that you can also use them in Currys should you need any household goods (fridge etc)

Or just spend the lot on a spanking new LED TV!!!!

  Kevscar1 23:55 29 Jun 2009

Get 64 bit and get them to upgrade the ram to 8gb the difference this makes is phenominal, I have had 40+ plus 10mp pictures open at the same time and able to switch from 1 to another instantly, also good for playing round with videos. I have found 1 or 2 games that won't run and did have to get a new scanner because the old one was 10yrs old.
MS office 2003 runs fine but couldn't say about older versions

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