Got to buy a new TV package on a budget.

  AdventCalendar 18:25 31 Aug 2004


I know its an unusual request on a computer forum, but it tends to go hand in hand that people with a good knowledge of technology tend to know about computers, TV's, DVD's and all electro-gadjets! :-)

My damn TV blew on saturday, and so ive gotta get a new one asap!!!

Have been having a quick look around and i may aswell get a TV/DVD/VCR/Surround sound package deal, as all the stuff we have is old and crap now!

So my basic specifications are:

- at least 32in TV, pref widescreen.
- DVD player
- Home cinema [surround] system.

Ive not got an overly massive budget to play with, and would prefer to get the thing on 12 months 0% or similar. Would pay upto £1000 for it. Seen quite a few decent ones on various websites....the best seeming to be on Argos, cos you get 24 mths 0% on anything over £700.

Would be grateful even if it was just info on what spec i should definately be aiming for.

Appreciate your help.


  AdventCalendar 08:44 01 Sep 2004

Anyone? :-(

  rogertjj 09:51 01 Sep 2004

have a look on click here may help, or you may get a better response

  AdventCalendar 20:41 01 Sep 2004

many thanks.

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