google checkout mediation?

  Eng99 14:32 09 Dec 2010

Hi, Due to the non existent customer service with thepcogroup, and well overdue order. Im going through the mediation service, has anyone ever used it and is it any good?. Im doing this partly to demonstrate to visa that ive tried all channels prior to asking for a charge back, as i have no faith whatsoever in ever seeing my order. Thanks in advance for any replies, any information would be greatly appreciated.

  birdface 14:45 09 Dec 2010

An old thread with no good comments.

click here

  Eng99 15:23 09 Dec 2010

Ive read that thread closely, which makes the whole situation more depressing. I wanted anyone who has experienced the google checkout mediation service thoughts on it. thanks for taking the time to reply.

  spuds 16:25 09 Dec 2010

Never had need to use the Google mediation service. But if you have problems with a retailer, and use a credit card, then section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act should cover you. The credit card company have 'Equal Liability' to resolve issues that they have financed.

Should warn you that some credit card companies and finance houses might state that it nothing to do with them, on initial contact. Total rubbish, it is to do with them, and they know it.

  bjh 16:51 09 Dec 2010

You might not want to tell the credit card company that you are trying a Google mediation, at least at first; they may use that as an excuse to delay processing/try to pass the buck. As spuds says, credit card companies do try to wriggle out of their responsibility here if they can.

Frankly, I'd contact the credit card company directly. However,firstly, you do need to cancel your order (in writing; email would do, but I'd follow that up with a registered letter), and you do need to give PCO Group 30 days to refund the money. The credit card company will not be able to deal with an open order.

  Eng99 06:32 10 Dec 2010

sorry for delay replying. Thanks for the advice, Google thepcogroup have 5 days to reply to google. after having initiated the process it would be churlish not to give it a chance, But im not confident they will respond. So thanks for your advice, and i will almost certainly be contacting my card people as the company in question are a f*** nightmare outfit. after reading the pcogroup thread, i don't intend to leave it at a refund. I will be contacting various magazines, which i subscribe to to hopefully spread the word and warn as many people as possible. i will also complain to trading standards, consumer groups, as many forums as possible, start a website maybe, take it as far as i can with google etc.. How dare these people treat their paying customers with such contempt. They will regret taking my order. Rant over. Cheers

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