Goodbye NTL cable broadband

  Jdoki 10:55 25 Jul 2005

A tale of woe regarding NTL...

My broadband connection has been appalingly intermittent for some time - no help or even responses from NTL support so I decide to cancel.

I call to give 30 days notice, and mention I will be moving to a competitor when I move house in about two months time.

NTL person refuses to cancel my connection unless I give the new house postcode. First off I don't see why I should have to give this info (my billing is by direct debit and will be paid long before I move). And second, as the house is still being built the new postcode is not yet 'active', so they can't find the new address anyway.

Infuriatingly they couldn't even tell me why they wanted this info - every single question I asked was met with the response of 'We need your new postcode'. It was like talking to an automated response.

I said my goodbyes as the person appeared to be getting agrivated by my simple requests, and called back. Luckily a different person answered, and I cancelled with out mentioning the house move.

Since then I have received three phone calls, all asking the same 'Why are you leaving' question, and trying to tempt me back with discount offers.

One comment made me laugh... When I explained to the chap from NTL that an intermittent service was useless to me, he replied with 'Think of the savings I'm offering you'. It would appear that a cheap broken service is more important to NTL than a resonably priced working service!

  pj123 16:11 25 Jul 2005

Firstly, don't be too quick condemning your ISP. I am with NTL on Telephone, Digital TV and Broadband and have been for quite a while.

I started with Norwich Cable, which then changed to Bell Cable Media and then Cable and Wireless and now NTL. I have never had any problems with NTL. I have never had any problems using their 0800 052 2000 freephone number. My recent change was from Broadband via my set top box to a modem (which was supplied free). The changeover was so smooth it wasn't true. I think you will find a few other threads from other members complaining about their ISPs (not all NTL) as well. It's a case of "you can please some of the people all of the time" and "you can please all of the people some of the time" but "you can't please all of the people all of the time".

Wait until you get to your new house and see what is best. NTL may not be available at your new location anyway.

  Jdoki 16:25 25 Jul 2005

Well, for me, the service was poor in every respect...

Intermittent drop-outs on the service, which is a real problem for me as I play online games. I gave them two chances to sort this out - but they failed. I had been with NTL for about 2 years, 1 year was fine, the next was problematic, and the last 6 months have been rubbish.

I tried to cancel and they made life difficult.

It's not until I had actually cancelled that I start receiving support calls, most of which amount to little more than trying to squeeze a few more quid out of me.

So I'm not really being quick off the mark to condemn them - they had their chance, failed me as the paying customer, so I take my business elsewhere.

I am hopefully moving to Seriously Internet in my new house - I have heard nothing but praise from colleagues and friends who use them - and in the couple of enquiries I have made I have received prompt response (granted they want my business, but they have gone the extra mile so far).

If they turn out to be good I'll be happy to post with my positive experience!

  kissanpoika 17:23 25 Jul 2005

If you're interested in playing games online then it would be worth giving Nildram a look. I've been with several ISPs since adsl first became available and play a lot of games online but they have proved far superior to anyone else out there. They may not be the cheapest but the reliability and speed I get on games has been nothing short of awesome.

Although if you've already ordered then good luck with Seriously!

  jack 17:39 25 Jul 2005

This simple answer to NTL's instistance in wishingto know of your new location- Isare is not cabled - Thank you and good by
Thats is reason enough to cancel a cable account - you are moving house.Then speak to the bank to to ask their adive.
NTL may wish to impose a penalty if you are falling short of a full year- but that is something else.

  g0nvs 20:08 26 Jul 2005

Been with NTL for years, always had superb service. Giving credit where credit is due.

I've been with NTL for years on both dialup and broadband. Excellent service with hardly any breaks in connection.

The customer service / technical support is an absolute disgrace. You just can't get through to them in less than 45 minutes.

  Kinky Afro 13:48 27 Jul 2005

I was with NTL broadband for 4 years and they were excellent. I recently cancelled as I was moving house (not NTL area) and there was no question of new postcode, they were very curtious and helpful.

I'm now with Blueyonder and that really IS a world of pain. I long to be back with NTL.

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