is this a good value for money pc???

  lucozade9 14:58 23 Oct 2004

i am interested in the carrera ssc vision plus 64 and was wondering if this is a good value budget machine?? :)[as you can see i dont have much of an idea of what im on about :(]

amd athlon 64 3000+

Foxconn k8s760MG-6lrs (are foxconn good?)

512 DDR (400mhz)

Hard disk-
80gb sata 7200rpm

Optical drive-
NEC 2500A DVD writer 8X +/- (can you copy a cd with dvd writer or do i need a sepaerte drive???)

Graphics card-
nvidia 5500 128mb

Sound card-
6 channel sound (cheapest 1)

Intel Ambient 56k

stero speakers (????)

windows xp keyboard

carrera wheel mouse

carrera 17inch cry svga

dvd writing software (????has no name????)

windows xp home with recovery cd

5year warranty
2yr onsite and 3yr RTB
(1 years parts+labour-4 years just labout)

the total cost is £603

as u can c im not very good with latest specs.

also do you think i should email carrera on what the dvd writeing software is and what spec monitor it is??/

of subject but could you please tell me if you can copy CD's using a dvd writer?

thanks for your help in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 15:36 23 Oct 2004

can you copy a cd with dvd writer or do i need a sepaerte drive?

Yes but two drives will make it easier.

Motherboard: click here for some reviews.

Seems to be basic speakers.

Monitor - not sure about it - can you find if it is a flat screen or not?

You get a decent enough basic system to use as a base for further upgrading when you want to get around to it.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:44 23 Oct 2004

By the way, what do you want it for? It may well be that someone can suggest a cheaper option for your needs. Dell for instance have some very good options at present.

  961 15:50 23 Oct 2004

Try Dell

May be better for after sales service too

  Rayuk 16:05 23 Oct 2004

Dell dont do AMD [apparantly their customers dont ask for them] and the title reads "good value for money"so they are out on 2 counts :-)

  lucozade9 19:26 23 Oct 2004

i would like the pc for gaming mostly however i am on a tight budget as a student :(

i also need it for the net and word/excel/powerpoint etc.

i have also just emailed them on what the spec of the monitor is and wheather it is falt screen.

thanks for your help

  Diodorus Siculus 19:31 23 Oct 2004

For gaming then, ignore the Dells...

What you have should be ok but I would suggest that you do not skimp on the monitor - that is what you will be looking at for a long time to come... a flat screen will be of greater value when it comes to gaming also rather than one that is curved at the edges.

  lucozade9 19:33 23 Oct 2004

i have looked @ dell however i have been advised to get an amd 64 processor because i am told it is "future proof" as it is 64 bit.

also dell seem quite expensive and have 1 big drawback to each system e.g 128mb RAM, 20GB hard drive etc

  lucozade9 19:38 23 Oct 2004

sorry about 3 posts that i could have put into 1!!!

i have looked @ the spec of the motherboard however as a computer novice i am a bit baffled.

so could you please explain all the bits to me!!!!!??????!!!!!

thanks again

  Rayuk 19:45 23 Oct 2004

click here
Is this any help for you

  lucozade9 09:03 26 Oct 2004

i have just recieved an email back with a link to the site with the full spec
click here

he has also said it is a samtron which is part of samsung.

looking at the picture it dosnt look flatscreen :(

Basic spec-
dot pitch- 0.23mm (is this good?)

Resolution: Resolution(recommended)
Maximum 1024 x [email protected]
1280 x [email protected]

Scanning Frequency:
(Auto Scanning) Horizontal
Vertical 30-70kHz

from the above info and using the link above could you please tell me if this is a reasonable monitor for £62 including VAT?

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