Is this good value?

  Mankster 13:26 12 Apr 2004

I would like a few opinions on whether this is good value.
AMD Athlon XP 2000+ MHZ System/ ATX(Tower)

256 MB DDR 2700 RAM

60 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive

MSIKT4 ULTRA+ Motherboard

16 X DVD ROM or 52 x CD-ROM
52 X CD Rewriter

1.44 Floppy Drive

350 WATT Front Usb Case

64 MB Graphic Card (Pro Savage)

10/100 Network Card

5.1 Sound Card

6xUSB 2.0

56K Modem

17” Colour CRT Monitor

Keyboard ,optical Mouse & Speakers


4 X FREE PCI Slots

Windows xp.professional.
Brand New and Boxed £400

  961 13:44 12 Apr 2004

Is that inc vat and del? What about warranty?

I would be inclined to buy Athlon xp 2500 now as very little dearer

Also the quality of the monitor is a factor. A good one can be worth twice the cost of the cheapest

Much depends on the make quite honestly.

You can pick up a Dell for this sort of money and whatever the ins and outs of Dell they make good computers and sell at value prices

  Forum Editor 14:29 12 Apr 2004

that 961 says.

  Sir Radfordin 15:46 12 Apr 2004

Build your own at Mesh Computers (click here) and you could end up with a higher spec for around £513 (incl. VAT and Del.)

Only real difference is not getting XP Pro but few need that.

  Simsy 05:36 16 Apr 2004

it says there is a Graphics card... but also that there is a FREE AGP slot?
That doesn't seem correct? (But I'm open to correction!)



Here is another good value option, it comes with XP Home for another £50

click here

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