a good thing for once?

  everythingsuk 16:09 05 Jan 2003
  everythingsuk 16:09 05 Jan 2003

I was writing earlier about my Pc fan noise, when writing down the spec i thought to myself, bloody hell its been a year and a bit and its still good!

I bought a MEDION PC from PC world after seeing the add for an equivilant 1.8 ghz pentium 4 at ALDI, now looking back i would have bought that as it was 400mhz faster but couldnt be bothere queing so went to pc world.

I bought for the rather small sum (minus a monitor that i already had)
in november 2001

AMD athlon XP 1600+ ( i didnt realise it was only 1.4 ghz or i would have got the pentium 4 1.8 for the SAME price)

256 MB of DDR RAM
80 Gig HDD
64mb DDR geforce 3 titanium 200 graphics card
16 X DVD
cyberdrive 16X CDRW/12X RWx40X read
floppy disk
creative soundcard
Lotus smartsuite millenium, nero,power dvd etc
Windows XP home edition
cambridge soundworks SBS 35 speakers

now, forgive me if i'm wrong, but thats pretty good (minus stupid me picking the noisy AMD processor not the 1.8 pentium 4) spec for a pc bought over a year and 2 months ago!!
Support has been fantastic with a helpline charged at national rates and email support getting back to me within 1 day.
i had problems with the speakers, they sent a new set and left me with the old ones all at no charge
however even though the warranty is over, they continue to give support, informing me of a the windows XP service pack one update.

I thought it would be nice to share a happy story for once, now i am on the lookout for a 17" TFT, and am def going to buy medion if i can find one. Got an epson C62 printer, olymps 2mp camera, palm m515, webcam etc and dont feel i will have to updgrade anything but the RAM on my pc

any other happy stories??

  rickf 17:37 05 Jan 2003

You might be interested to know then that Staples told me they are expecting Cybercom (badged Medion) 17" TFTs between the middle and end of January for £298. I got this info when I tried to buy the AOC 17" at the same price but they were out of stock. Just two wks ago.

  everythingsuk 19:32 05 Jan 2003

so, they will be badged medion but still be high quality? any idea what they look likes, as looks are just as important as no dead pixels


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