Good sites for broadband users?

  jediknight007 00:39 24 May 2003

Hi, I just recently got PlusNet 512k broadband but the only things that I could think of using my broadband was to download large files and watch football highlights. Not much is it? Well, I recently managed to get this guide to a few sites which I might enjoy with my broadband such as this films site ttp:// and this music videos site click here but what else can I do with my broadband? Any recommendations? I don't want to get bored of broadband too quickly like my friend did and don't want it to be a waste. Help!

  johnnyboyUK 00:58 24 May 2003

theres endless things you can do but it all depends what your into, i use mine for multiplayer gaming when ive nothing better to do, and having adsl is great for downloaing patches and mods ,etc

heres a site you might like click here

enjoy :)

  jediknight007 05:53 24 May 2003

Well, I don't mind multiplayer gaming since I usually play a bit of Jedi Knight 2 but I don't know any other good FPS. Only good one I know is Quake 3 Arena which is a bit old now. I'm more into other media such as videos, TV and music now. It's a shame that there ain't any good music channels you can watch on broadband ie.MTV

  VoG™ 08:13 24 May 2003

World TV ? click here

  VoG™ 11:46 24 May 2003

click here page 66

  jediknight007 17:27 24 May 2003

Cheers! Nice program but never heard of these channels before though! I mean, what the hell is Parliament TV? Lol.

  Pappyon 15:00 26 May 2003

I'm inclined to agree with your first post, and would like to know what all the fuss is about broadband. I would like to know what I am missing. The only benefits I have found up to now, are that it frees up the phone, and I can download newsgroup postings and junk mail faster than with dial-up, but I don't think it's worth the extra money. After I have been at this site and the BBC news, and accessed the daily newspapers I am at a loss what to look for next!

  Hachi-Roku 22:37 26 May 2003

Parliament TV is also a channel on Sky Digitial i think!

  darkjedimistress 13:31 28 May 2003

but as I am aware it's frowned upon in this forum I will refrain from mentioning it. I do enjoy ther online gaming though.

  nick_j007 14:25 28 May 2003

Peer to peer music downloading is a grey area, but amazing in terms of the material available...especially the music of course.
Search on 'Limewire' and 'Winmx'.
ADSL will make it so quick...looking forward to my new BB connection soon :-)


PS, think the BBC have a dedicated BB site..?

  jediknight007 18:28 28 May 2003

Don't know whether we are allowed to talk about p2p file sharing on this site... but anyways, I agree that BB does make downloads so much quicker. Managed to patch all my games in a day. I was thinking of installing Quake 3 or something and then download tons of mods or stuff but I guess that game is a bit old now.

I have visited the BB site but it's so boring. Only good things are 1 minute clips of the last few Eastenders and also from TOTP2 although the music is old but still enjoy Karma Chameleon though, lol.

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