Good shop in Tottenham Court Road?

  TomJerry 10:39 21 Apr 2004

Can anyone suggest a good shop in Tottenham Court Road for Laptop and LCD monitor? Choice and price.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:32 21 Apr 2004

Can't suggest one over another as I find they are all somewhat more expensive than online outlets. Best to start one end and walk up one side with a notebook and down the other side. You will notice enormous fluctuations in price. Our old favourite, PCWorld is there at the top.

And don't forget Morgans in New Oxford Street - they have good deals at times.

  spuds 11:55 21 Apr 2004

As suggested, best to start at one end and compare prices, with special interest on the products that you have in mind.Don't forget to try a little bartering, it may save you a few extra pounds.

  TomJerry 13:16 21 Apr 2004

Which shop has the latest gizmo? I may only able to visit one or two shops because only go to city center for one day and have a conference to go to. Just want to check out latest laptop etc.

  IClaudio 16:24 21 Apr 2004

to be good and knowledgable too. There's another, smaller, shop just north of them, whose staff is pretty helpful.

But, get a price in one, and any of the others will match it. I once bought 3 printers in one shop, who said that they only had 1 in stock, come back in half an hour for the other two. I'm convinced that they just went next door, they're probably all owned by the same company :D

  spuds 16:50 21 Apr 2004

Checkmate-- Found and thought the same thing. Hence my suggestion to TomJerry re bartering

  Diodorus Siculus 17:12 21 Apr 2004

Spuds: haggling may be better than bartering :-}

  €dstowe 19:33 21 Apr 2004

My studio is near Tottenham Court Road and I am often there looking at "today's bargains". Thing is, I've never found a worthwhile one.

Invariably, comparing TCR prices with those on line shows that the reputation of that shopping paradise is now largely unjustified.

Yes, there are bargains to be had but they are few and far between and it's hard work trying to get any discounts or price reductions. It seems to me that TCR is angled entirely towards tourists and is still living on a reputation acquired many years ago when Hi-Fi was the "in thing", rather than computers.

If you are tempted by anything, be very wary of them having to go and get it "from the warehouse" or from their "other shop". This only happens after you have parted with your money and it means that they don't have the product in stock and they are going to have to order it in for you. In turn this means you will either have to visit again in X days (or weeks) or have the item delivered - delivered at an unreasonably high cost and either way, they have your money earning interest for them while you're possibly paying interest on your credit card, perhaps for weeks. All in all, not a bargain at all.

Be warned - if you are tempted, only part with your money when you have the item you are buying actually in front of you, packed and ready to take away.


  byfordr 21:18 21 Apr 2004

Never found it that cheap...would recommend a trip round the corner to John Lewis. Very good computer dept, will also price match.

  rickf 21:45 21 Apr 2004

If you must walk into the lion's den so be it. I work around there and have always found their prices rather inflated during my wanderings at lunch time.

  Vimal 21:53 21 Apr 2004

Shops look nice but prices are high.

Go online after doing some homework then order from one of the larger companies. Have ordered in this way many times with sucess.

You could try John Lewis, they have a good selection with helpful staff but good in the morning as it gets busy. Open at 9.30 Mon to Fri

Good Luck

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