Good service from Virgin Media

  BT 07:53 23 Aug 2007

I had a problem with my cable box on Tuesday afternoon when it crashed and wouldn't reboot. I called them up on the 151 number, which was answered after 3 rings,and after a few questions as to the problem was given a technicians appointment for Wednesday morning.
He turned up at 11.50 and apologised for being late even though he was still within his time slot. He then replaced the Box with a brand new one, set it up and was finished in less than 15 mins.
Can't complain at that for service!

  howard64 10:25 23 Aug 2007

back before I moved in 2004 I was with NTL and had to wait best part of an hour to get through to their service section. Glad to hear they have improved. Where I live now is not cabled so have not used them lately.

  lisa02 11:34 23 Aug 2007

Isn't it ironic that someone named BT would be praising Virgin Media.

Still wouldn't touch them again as my experiences last time where awful.

Glad to hear they where good for you though.

  BT 07:43 24 Aug 2007

I agree that NTL were always pretty slow at answering the phone, thank goodness for the FREE 151 number for phone subscribers. I have found that since the Virgin takeover the phone has been answered much more quickly than it ever was, even going back to the Cable and Wireless days.

I believe the phone service is still run on the old Mercury/Cable and Wireless network despite its branding. I had occasion to dial 999 recently and the automated announcement of my number when the emergency service picked up was "Cable & Wireless XXXXXX"

I have been with Cable for over 13 years, originally with Videotron,then Cable and Wireless, NTL and now Virgin, and the only problem I have had in that time was getting the service transferred from London to Norwich, the 'Moving House' option on their website couldn't cope with moving to a different town, eventually solved on their suggestion by closing my account in London and opening a new one in Norwich (which was installed the following day).

As to my BT forum name... that's another story!!

  Strawballs 09:56 24 Aug 2007

I have been cable since it was first installed as NyNex, then it became cable and wireless, then NTL and now Virgin Media nd have always been happy with the service.

  Strawballs 09:57 24 Aug 2007

That should read "and have always"

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